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Jan 4, 2008 03:55 AM

Road Trip: Where to eat between Fort Lauderdale and Orlando

On business the week of January 13th - 17th, we'll be driving from Fort Lauderdale up to Winter Park/Orlando (UCF area). Most likely taking I-95 up to the Bee Line Expwy. Since we'll be leaving FL late afternoon, need a Chow friendly dinner stop freeway close. Being about a 4 hour trip, somewhere about halfway between would work. Preferable more road foodish/diner fare than haute cusinie. BBQ could work well. The 3 of us eat just about anything. But if it's more than a mile off the interstate the driver isn't going to detour.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Dale's BBQ in Fort Pierce, the location on Okeechobee Road.

    1. Dominick's just off the I (95) in Ft Pierce (exit at Orange go East). Good subs, pizza and Italian fare. Brooklyn boy done good in the FTP hood!

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        We hit Dale's BBQ on the way. Greeted by a 3 foot timber rattler at the front door! It slithered under the building. No smoked snake on the menu that night though. Q was okay. Ribs meaty. Pork flavorful. Thin cut was drying it out a bit. I'm not keen on the vinegar based sauces, but the spicier one with mustard was a good complement to the pork. Beef was over cooked and the shaved slicing dried it out.
        Chicken was tender and juicy. And onion chips were very good. I'd recommend ribs and chicken to anyone venturing that way.