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Jan 4, 2008 02:11 AM

The Cottage Wellesley MA

Has anyone been to this new restaurant on Linden Street in Wellesley? They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Several people reviewed in in Zagat online. It sounds interesting.

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  1. I've seen mixed reviews on the place. Some folks think it's a refreshing change from the upscale places in town, while others say the prices are too high for what you get.

    I guess it's part of some major renovations that have come to Linden Street over the past couple of years. I used to play softball at the Middle School around the corner and remember Linden Street as being a road with little to offer unless you needed to buy a car or get some groceries, but I guess that's changed.

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      There was a chain previously. Suggest doing a search.

      1. re: terrycatch

        Yes, Linden Street is making major changes with a development called Linden Square. There are various businesses going in there including a Starbucks, Cold Stone Creamery and Qdoba. Next year a California Pizza Kitchen is going in.

        The Cottage is not a chain. It is described as an upscale, family owned restaurant owned by a Wellesley native, Laura Wolfe and her husband. They do have a Cottage Restaurant in California but have just come back here,

        I should have shared the info I had when I asked the question but I really wanted to see if anyone had been there. I have to go to Wellesley VW to have my car serviced on Monday. It's right across the street so I will check it out.

        1. re: edgewater

          I could be wrong but I believe that terrycatch meant by "chain" that there was a recent discussion on this board, not that the restaurant was a "chain".

          1. re: bakerboyz

            Correct: "Chain" as in "discussion chain." Between posters. On Chowhound.

    2. I ate there a couple of weeks ago with my wife and our baby. It was unremarkable to say the least. We started with the calamari which was average and may have been the highlight of the meal. We also tried the "fresh" guacamole which may have been the worst guacamole I have been served in a restaurant. It literally tasted like it came out of a can/tub. For dinner I had the burger was was just ok. I have had burgers just as good at Chili's. My wife had a salad for dinner with warm goat cheese which ended up being two bites of goat cheese that was not warm at all.

      This place will do well because there are so few restaurants of this type in the immediate area. But I certainly won't be running back for what I thought was average food.

      1. I did another post on this subject- do a search. Went twice- will not go back. Less than mediocre food, small portions, horrible bartending, very crowded and noisy.Ugh.

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          Where to eat in Wellesley? Try Tian Fu next to Star Market. They have recently redone their menu with specialties from the Shanghai area which is where the owners are from). They will modify for any dietary needs. Don't have the standard American Chinese dishes but the specialties. The owners are always there and are eager to help. You won't be disappointed.

        2. So I'm out of touch with Wellesley's dining options. If this place is a no go, where is there to go in Wellesley (other than Blue Ginger of course, which many people on this board love, and many people on this board hate!)?

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            I did find the original "chain". I usually think of it as a link so sorry terrycatch if I appeared dim to you. I had looked before I asked the question but guess I looked too quickly since all the posts I noticed at the time referred to the California Cottage. Anyway, I am really disappointed to hear that it is so bad. I think I will try it for breakfast.

            1. re: Blumie

              Well, not many places to go. There is Vela which we find to be quite decent. Went there last night and they have many new menu items including a crispy chicken liver primi and a rabbit leg confit primi. They have added a ceasar salad which is excellent and the homemade fettucini with seafood is very good. Someone on this board complained about it being very dark but I don't find it so ( I took special note of this last night and I thought it was well enough lit- no problem reading the menu etc). Yama, a Japenese place across from Whole Foods (upstairs) is quite good.I have only had their cooked stuff, not sushi: tempura etc is very good. It is BYOB. Alta Strada, Michael Schlow's restaurant, is a big disappointment but there are a few (very few ) things on the menu that are ok.
              There is a very popular place called Jimmy's cafe on Linden Street- BYOB and captain Marden's reataurant where the fish is excellent and the sides are not very good. Maugus is good for breakfast and lunch. Amarin- which has been horrible the last few times we tried-and several Chinese options- China Sky, CK's which are ok depending upon what you order.

              1. re: emilief

                Good roundup, emilief. Share your support for Vela - this place could conceivably be a suburban equivalent of Cragie Street, and not only because they are both belowgrounds. They just need to keep pushing the envelope and perfecting what they have. Our absolute favorite in the area is still Oga's, just five minutes down Route 9 from the Wellesley line, in Natick. After four or five years of going there at least once a month, have yet to be disappointed. Lovely people, too.

                1. re: emilief

                  Jimmys is a solid option
                  China sky is $$ but ok service is so so
                  Yama is always good but is across from the whole foods
                  CK Shnaghi is very good down in the lower falls section by 128 on 16 but may not be open on Mondays
                  Paparazzi is consistent across from CK Shanghi
                  Heard Vela was good
                  also heard Vidalias has gone out
                  There is Blue Ginger which is AMAZING and $$ plus you need reservations
                  Captain mardens is ok but styrafoam plates in the norm here

                  Otherwise you are left with local pizza joints and bertuccis :-(

                  1. re: iguanachef

                    oops forgot about Coconut Thai. On 16 across from College Square Pizza on Washington (near library. Solid Thai reasonably priced (personally I like it better than Amarin. There is also an indian place next to it but I have never eaten there.

                    1. re: iguanachef

                      Actually it's LEMON Thai that is across from College Square Pizza on Washington St. near the Library. Coconut Thai is across from Whole Foods on Rte 16/Washington St. in Wellesley Hills. Both are good; Lemon Thai can be VERY good. Coconut Thai is a little more geared to takeout than to eating in, Lemon Thai is a real restaurant. So Wellesley has 3 good Thai restaurants. Needs a Korean one.

              2. The original comment has been removed