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Jan 4, 2008 12:43 AM

Chinese Wedding Banquet Locations

Hi CHers!
I'm getting married in November and having a Chinese Wedding Banquet. Any Suggestions BESIDES Lai Wah Heen and the Emperor's Court at the Hilton at Hwy 7 and Warden? The reason I'm asking is because I'm looking for somthing affilaited with a hotel (lots of out-of-towner's for the meal, including very elderly grandparents) and someplace that's willing to:
a) willing to let me have our civil ceremony with the guests already seated at the banquet tables. (again, elderly gradparents)
b) willing to let me do away with the requested shark fin and abalone ( not that I don't enjoy them but there are budget concerns, not to mention the whole ethical matter, but that's a WHOLE different post!)

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!! THANKS!!!

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  1. When I got married, I had my wedding at Grand Lake Chinese Restaurant. I actually had my wedding at their restaurant and the staff there made the whole experience easy. When it came to the menu, we were able to sit down and work out the menu we wanted. My friend also got married using Grand Lake Restaurant but his wedding size was too big for the restaurant. Hence, the manager in charge of weddings, Jackie, helped him find the right venue and then helped him plan the Chinese menu as well. His menu did not go by the standard Chinese wedding banquet menu. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that they're quite accommodating. I believe they will help you find a place and help you plan a menu that fits your needs.

    1. Firstly, congrats!

      I just got married in August and we took a look at many places before deciding. There were a number of factors which affected our final decision: cost, location and presentation of the restaurant (which may or may not be inline with yours). We eventually decided upon "Dun Huang" at Times Square. The restaurant is quite nice, provides a nice view (especially at night) and is not "tacky" with the traditional red and gold motif (the restaurant is mostly dark wood and gold).

      If you are looking for hotels, there are a number in the close vicinity: Hilton (just east of Leslie and Hwy 7), two Mariott's (just south of Leslie and 7) a Sheraton and a Staybridge Suites by Holiday Inn close by.

      If you are looking for a real banquet hall, there is one at Woodbine just south of 7 called La Rosa. I attended a friend's wedding here and it was quite elegantly done. Although, you will have to dish out a bit more for decorations as nothing is provided.

      My sister is having her wedding at Spring Villa, which is quite close to La Rosa but she will be entertaining a small and intimate group.

      We checked out other restaurants in Scarborough (New World at VP/N of Finch, the one behind Metro Square etc) as well but they seemed to be a bit older and the cost was about the same, if not a bit more.

      I almost forgot. We checked out Diamond Banquet Hall at First Markham and had even given them our deposit but we found Dun Huang to be cheaper so we settled with them. They are quite elegant, new and but the environment is almost too clean and snazzy, lacking a bit of character. Check them out and you'll see what I mean.

      I hope this helps and feel free to let me know what you think after you've done some shopping around.

      1. Two other places in Richmond Hill: Ambassador (has a separate room), and O-Mei. Both are close to Hwy 7 and Leslie, with lots of hotels nearby. Great food, and Ambassador especially, will work with you to create a menu without shark's fin/abalone to keep the prices within your range.

        And congratulations!

        1. Thanks for all the suggestions CHOWers, :-D I knew that you guys would know better then I do! I'll be doing a tour of these places on Tuesday when I'll do a tour up and down 7.
          In the meantime, a family friend suggested I check out Pearl Harbourfront. Anyone know anything about the place??

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          1. re: oracle347

            I've been to all of the restaurants/halls suggested and would rec Pearl Harbourfront for food, service, view, and nicest room, if budget permits. La Rosa is also quite suitable for your needs.

            1. re: jinxed

              Thanks jinxed :-D It's one of those places I need to go see next week. I remeber going there for Dim Sum about two years ago, but not for dinner. i think it's an excuse for an outing!

              1. re: oracle347

                Congratulations!!!! I was just posting about Pearl Harbourfront re: dim sum:

                Haven't been for dinner but I'm sure it would be good and they'd accommodate your requests. It would be a lovely setting for a wedding banquet.

                I was at a wedding recep. at Ambassador years ago - I remember that it was good. Haven't been there in a long time though.

          2. Congrats, I'm actually in the process of looking at venues myself , and here are a few of my suggestions...

            Ambassador - As one of the posters said, I would recommend Ambassador as well. Their food and service is excellent and you won't be disappointed. My brother had his wedding there and it was a great venue! However, the price can be pricey as well, depending on what you order. But, it was well worth it.

            Dun Huang - According to my friend, they recently changed to a buffet format and are no longer doing banquets/dinners. They refunded her money and told her to go somewhere else. Not recommended.

            Diamond - It's a nice place, been there once for a wedding. Food was alright, service was ok.... but as one of the posters said, there's this feeling to it which I didn't find right as well...just my 2 cents. Hilton is about a 5 mins drive.

            La Rosa - Same owners as Ambassador and I think I might be holding my wedding I might be a bit bias. A very good venue. 3 rooms to choose from. Service is excellent, food is pretty good as well. They have a Comfort Inn across the street (within walking distance) and a Delta Hotel about 2-4 mins drive. is their website. As the manager told me, they are opening up a new venue at 407/Kennedy, called Markham Event Centre. I'm going to take a look there later on this/next week. No hotels nearby, but if you are interested, I can provide you with a contact. Let me know.

            Once again, congrats and good luck with everything...let us know which one you choose! =D

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            1. re: waterboi

              thanks waterboi! I looked at the La Rosa website and is really pleasently surprised at the prices! Can you provide me with some contact info?? I'm going to have to go check them out!

              Thanks!! and OH! CONGRADS!!!

              1. re: oracle347

                Yeah, wouldn't be a problem, just give me a shout. Send me an e-mail at, and I can provide you with a contact there. I don't think I should be posting their e-mail contact here. Sorry.

              2. re: waterboi

                Hi there, I am new to this forum. Hope you guys can help me out on planning my wedding in June 2009. Waterboi, have you check out Markham Event Centre yet? How was it? Any positive or negative impression?
                please let me know. Thanks

                1. re: Mansze

                  Hey Mansze,

                  I actually did check out MEC last week, they had their first party there and they told me to go check it out. Very nice decor and atmosphere. As a result of such, my fiancee and i are still in the process of deciding between that or La Rosa. I'll be doing a tasting or something of that sorts in the next couple weeks. Will keep y'all posted. Shoot me an e-mail if you anything else from me.


                  1. re: waterboi

                    Thanks Waterboi! I'll check it out this Saturday. Hope they have a hall that's suitable for 150-170 people.

                    1. re: waterboi

                      Hey Waterboi, I was wondering what you think of MEC? I am planning a wedding next September and just learned about this place. Their prices look very attractive, but I'm not sure what the quality of the food and service is like. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

                  2. re: waterboi

                    Hi waterboi,

                    I am planning to my wedding for 2009. Looking for some Chinese wedding banquet. We also consider going to La Rosa, as you mentioned they open a new venue called Markham Event Centre. Have you checked them out yet? What do you think new place?

                    1. re: waterboi

                      I talked to La Rosa and my understanding is that the minimum expense is $10,000. I may only have 50-60 people coming so this is not cheap at all. The manager told me the deposit should be $1000 = 10% of the fee. So he kinda hinted it. Anyone knows if this is a hard limit? My wedding will be July this year so i really ran out of time? I did some research and found there is one called La Vita Banquet Hall. Anyone heard anything about this La Vita place? Thanks!!!