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Apr 3, 2001 05:18 PM

Going to L.A. in May....looking for a creative dining experience!

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Going to L.A. for our Anniversary.....looking for something different, creative, memorable. Price not factor...but not just looking for eligance (did Rainbow Room last year in NY)..Any ideas????

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    Mike Kilgore

    Have you ever been to Saddle Peak Lodge in Malibu Canyon? However, it is not a place for the Veggie people. 419 Cold Canyon Rd. Phone: (818)-222-3888. Rustic, with some unusual game dishes on the menu, not to mention animal heads mounted on the wall. Great for Sunday brunch as well. Certainly not the typical dining experience.

    1. Depends on how creative you want to get. We actually have a restaurant out here that serves bugs. The name is Typhoon: Santa Monica Airport, 3221 Donald Douglas Loop South, Santa Monica; 310-390-6565.

      Personally, I wouldn't touch the creepy crawly little things.

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      1. re: Hoc
        Richard Foss

        Alright, I agree that the insects and scorpions are the attention-grabbers at Typhoon, but you can have an enjoyable meal there even if you only eat vegetables and vertebrates! The style is Pan-Asian, with tasty Filipino chicken adobo, Thai noodles, Korean bulgogi, et cetera. The setting is quite pleasant thanks to the view of the Santa Monica airport. (If you're an old aircraft buff you may note the view of the air museum across the way. On our most recent visit a P-51 Mustang was doing touch-and-gos, and something else that looked like a flying birdcage circa 1920 did a wobbly, slow motion takeoff. I assume it came down again somewhere, but we didn't see the landing.)

        Of course most people try at least one of the insect dishes. I recommend the spicy stir-fried crickets or the deep-fried grasshoppers, which are actually tasty
        in a kind of bar-snack way. I don't advise the giant Manchurian ants, which had a rather acrid taste. You might also try the house cocktail, which contains various alcohols that have marinated along with ginseng, wood ear mushrooms, and fuzzy black caterpillars. All of the latter items are reputed to be aphrodisiacs in traditional Chinese medicine. I can neither confirm or deny whether they work.

        In response to the request a couple of posts back, Typhoon is located on Donald Douglas Loop at the South edge of the Santa Monica Airport.

        1. re: Hoc
          Mike Kilgore

          Typhoon's is one of those restaurants that does a lot of different foods, and all of them are mediocre. If you want Korean, or Philippino, or Malaysian, or whatever it might be, go to a restaurant that specializes in that food. Now, that said, I do think that Typhoon has a very good sushi bar upstairs, called "The Hump" That was the nick name that pilots had for the Himalayas when they were flying over them during WW II. But if you are looking for "memorable" dining, I don't think Typhoon fits the bill. However, the setting at Santa Monica Airport is somewhat attractive, if you are into planes.