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Jan 4, 2008 12:13 AM

pasadena discovery

Just returned from a visit to the Pasadena Rose Bowl and checked with Chow before leaving only to be dismayed at the reports of bad food in Pasadena. While roaming the streets looking for a place to eat came across DAISY MINT, 1218 E.. COLORADO BLVD., (626)792-2999. It's been open for 3 weeks and is run by refugees from the art design and product marketing fields. It's Asian fusion cuisine and from this 40 year resident of Northern Ca. who's had much asian food I can't begin to tell you how impressed I was. Liked it so much that ate there a 2nd night with relatives from the Irvine area who came up to visit. . Try the tofu appetizer, the salmon curry, the thai noodles. Visit and let me hear your comments.

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  1. Hmm, thanks! Never noticed it. Will definitely have to try.
    I am sad to see that you only heard bad things about the food offerings in Pasadena. There are many places in my town that I enjoy eating at.

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        The couple who owns it is very hands on and very friendly. Also no corkage.

      2. Thanks for the review, wish I had seen it before i made lunch today! Unfortunately, most of what is said about Pasadena being lacking in food is somewhat true, but there are a few places. Sounds like you might have found one. My husband loves pho and we usually go to Pho 79 in Alhambra, but I have yet to find a good Korean BBQ place around w/o having to go to K-town.

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          cerritos/buena park and garden grove have good korean places. rowland heights/diamond bar have a couple.

        2. would you say that this place is more of thai place?

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            Here's the problem with Pas and why it gets a bad rap. The food in Pas is as good and varied as any other town in LA: that said, it gets it bad rap because it IS a tourist stop over and the majority of the restaurants cater to that experience. However, if you get out of Old Town there are LOTS of solid choices that equal many of the best mid level-high level eateries in LA. Gales / Bistro 45 / Dereks / Parkway Grill / Tre Venezia / Mike and Anns / The Raymond House / The Dining Room are all less than a mile from each other and I would challenge anyone in the SGV to match it...maybe even Melrose and 3rd street too. Agree...disagree ?

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              I think you hit the nail on the head thomtomkins. So many just get to Old Town and base the Pasadena experience on some of the lesser restaurants in that area. Regarding Daisy Mint. We had dinner their last night and really enjoyed it. It is run by the couple that had the “Wild Ginger“ restaurant in Monrovia. The husband was wandering around the dining room, chatting with customers. Says they plan to expand the menu soon.

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                I agree. I live in Pasadena and rarely, rarely go to Old Town (except to get my pedi).

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                  The food at Daisy Mint is refreshing its great to see a couple with the courage to create outside of the main stream. I've eaten there only a couple of times, Its fantastic reasonable price and quality food. Pasadena is slightly overpowered with much of the same cuisine. if you are bored with "same old, same old" give them a shot its hard to be disappointed they do most everything right from atmosphere, service, variety, freshness, MMMMMMMMMM hungry now must go. Cheers for listening

              2. Friends took me to Daisy Mint last night, and have to agree - food is very good! The food is a mix of the owners' korean and thai tastes - and I think you can really tell when people have taken a lot of care with the food, as with this place.

                We had: Crab & cheese wontons, the peanut dumplings (steamed rice wrapped around a savory peanut fill, & served atop little tiny lettuce cups), the beef noodle soup, chicken panang curry, grilled eggplant salad, spaghetti w/ black mussels. we were also served hot barley tea, which i could not get enough of. the beef noodle soup, although it resembles pho, has a thicker linguini-sized rice noodle, and thick slices of melt-in-your-mouth brisket - the broth is really flavorful, they don't seem to hold back at all - nicely beefy, a little anise, with a lovely bright herbal thing going on. this may have been my favorite dish, and i can't wait to go back for a bowl on one of these cold rainy days. it beats driving all the way out to sgv for golden deli! okay, enough about the noodles - the panang curry (we had w/ chicken) was mmm....smack! good! the panang is made with small chunks of tender pumpkin (kabocha squash) and sweetens the curry - thick w/ coconut, bright w/ basil leaves, we spooned the sauce over lemongrass rice and went to town. the spaghetti w/ black mussels, is served tossed w/ a dry chili sauce, bright red & green peppers - also very good. the eggplant dish - really very simple array of vegetables served w/ a really bright lime dressing that the eggplant soaks up very nicely - i'm no vegetarian but i were, i'd be a happy camper. we overdid it and left no room for dessert, unfortunately, but it's close enough for many future visits.

                i live out here in pasadena, and the great thing is discovering these small neighborhood establishments serving up really solid food - for the most part, interesting friendly people serving up food they love to make. i'm thinking bulgarini, europane, even the folks at dervaes gardens & that white-haired, rosy-cheeked italian man w/ the unbelievable prosciutto at roma deli. and the taco truck at nishikawas on fair oaks. but i digress - my point being, that pasadena may not have a french laundry or a mozza hot spot, but if you're willing to look beyond the cheesecake factory, pasadena is full of good people serving good food. lucky for us!

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                  "my point being, that pasadena may not have a french laundry or a mozza hot spot, but if you're willing to look beyond the cheesecake factory, pasadena is full of good people serving good food. lucky for us!"

                  Thank you! This is precisely how I feel about Pasadena - lots of good places, with solid, crave-worthy food, created and served by people who actually like feeding others - such as the people at Milano's Deli, Dan at Fredo's Phillys, the ladies at Sarkis on Washington, etc.

                  We may not have Mozza or Grace or AOC or places along those lines, but I'm fine with that - they don't appeal to me anyway. The local offerings are far too delicious and diverse for me to be lured afar :)

                  1. re: ElsieDee

                    hey, don't get me wrong. mozza, grace, AOC - in my opinion they are all great places serving really really great food too - and, though they may be in the fancy dining category, they are still establishments run by extremely talented people who are passionate about the food they serve. some of my favorite places and worth the trek, absolutely!

                    let me clarify my point here once again - territorial prejudice is what i can't get behind here. prejudice from the westsiders that prevents them from appreciating the lovely neighborhood finds here is no different from eastsiders dissing some of the spectacular goods to be found out west. i think it's all good, why not just be open to great food wherever it may be found?