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Apr 3, 2001 03:47 PM

Terrible experience at Kruang Tedd Thai...

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I was at Kruang Tedd this past Saturday evening for dinner, and it was a terrible experience.

Inspite of having reservations, and about 6 tables that were empty, they insisted on seating my guest and I in a back corner, right next to the kitchen. We requested a move to another table, but were told that they were for 4 people only...all this when every single occupied table had less than 4 people on it. We offered to wait for one of the other tables to open up, but were told they all were reserved. As we resigned ourselves to this table, the same hostess seats a party of two..on a 4 person table! As this continued, it dawned on us - every group that they were seating was either Thai or White. We left immediately, as no matter how good the food, it does not compensate for this kind of rude and racist behaviour. This was my second such experience with Kruang's..the first time it happened, we were made to wait for nearly 45 minutes, but chalked that up to the lack of reservations. Not this time though. Needless to say, I don't intend to go back. Anyone else had similar experiences?

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  1. I've never had less than a delightful experience at Kruang Tedd--unless you count the occasional Paul Anka song from the Thai band that performs on weekends. Although the chicken fried in banana leaves is good enough that I'd be tempted to put up with a lot.

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      Tom Armitage

      Ouch! I eat at Kruang Tedd at least twice a month, sometimes more often than that, and have never had a similar experience. But then I’m white, so I’m not in a position to test your hypothesis about race being the explanation for the shameful behavior you experienced. I don’t know what race/ethnicity you are. But I don’t often see African-Americans in the Thai restaurants in Thai Town, whether Palms, Ruen Pair, Kruang Tedd, or other similar places. The same is true for traditional sushi restaurants in Little Tokyo or Gardena that serve primarily a Japanese clientele. On the few occasions where I’ve seen African-American customers at such places, I didn’t discern any discriminatory treatment. Which of course doesn’t necessarily mean that is wasn’t occurring. The bottom line for me regarding a racist attitude at Kruang Tedd is “I don’t know,” but I’m very disturbed by the experience you had.

      The food at Kruang Tedd is usually among the best in Thai Town, with some exceptions and with some variation in quality. The variation in quality is a subject for another day, however. The point made by RW obviously has nothing to do with the quality of the food served at Kruang Tedd.

      1. I've had a couple bad service experiences at Canter's, but only when I'm with a white woman (I'm asian). I don't know really know what's going on here. I get decent service other times I go there.If I were in your shoes, I'd report the incident at Kruang Tedd to the local Thai newspapers. Maybe they'd print it. This is also a good forum. It should be reported in public, not in any inflammatory or defamatory manner, but just as you did.I don't think the (often proffered) advice of "well, don't patronize them" is effective, or fair to you. In a small way, avoiding the issue by avoiding the business only reinforces racism and encourages the separation that is at the root of everyday racism.