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I got a sandwich here for the first time in quite a while recently and decided I like it now nearly as much as I did at 16, which is untrue for most fast food places. It was a bit too salty, but it is still a very tasty and unique fast food sandwich option. Are their other CHs that are fans?

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  1. I'm a fan - I actually didn't used to like it because of their bread, but now I like the texture. The bbq chicken and jalepeno pizza is a pretty tasty fast food pizza, and their angus beef & provolone is great hangover food! I keep having an issue w/my local location forgetting the horseradish dressing on said sandwich, but I always have some on hand.

    1. Four times a year, I leave the country for a month and the last fast food I eat before leaving is Schlotzsky's. It's also the first I eat when I return. Small original, on sourdough with a pickle. Yum!

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        love their pizza. haven't had it in years but YUM-O.

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          The time I visited our local Schlotzsky's the cheese on the sandwich was processed cheese. I gues I'm a cheese snob and only purchase natural cheese. Processed cheese just doesn't taste the same.

      2. terrible, had a rueben from them once(darn boss paying for lunch so we could toil at our desks for our lunch hour), and it was pretty disgusting(soggy bread, minimal flavorless corned beef). I wont be trying Schlotsky's ever again, too many quality delis near where I work, and in Chicago to try them ever again, they are no better than Subway, or Quiznos, in my humble opinion.

        1. I love their bread. The original sandwich is so good...I haven't tried most of their menu. I wish I had an original right now.

          1. Blessings on you for bringing back a good memory. Or curses for igniting a craving that can't be satisfied. Whichever.

            Haven't had Schlotzky's since leaving Austin in '93, but have fond memories of their sandwich. (Swsidejim: note the use of the singular; sandwiches other than the Schlotzky's Original were consistently disappointing.)

            Wonder how they'd do in Northern California?

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              Good point, however a terrible singular experience can doom a place & make it impossible to give them another shot.

              Thankfully I did not have to pay for that experience in hard earned money, just a wasted lunch, & the suffering my tastebuds had to endure....

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                Especially when you've got plenty of other, better choices. But if you're ever stuck in fast-food purgatory, consider giving "the Original" a shot. Not the best sandwich you'll ever have, but far from the worst.

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                  Give an original a try someday if you're forced, but you've brought to the fore an important fast food truth.

                  Never buy a classic food, such as a reuben, from a fast food joint.

                  Corollary: unless that food has historical precedent in the fast food realm, such as a hamburger.

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                    I was picking blind off a menu at work, never even heard of Schlotzkys before that day.

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                      Oh, man. Order off a menu from a "deli" and get a sandwich from Schlotzky's. Ouch.

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                  Well, the one in Oregon seems to be consistently busy. We were thrilled when it came as we are from Austin. Still love the original sandwich.

                3. Love Schlotsky's!

                  Grew up on them in Houston in the 80's, lamented their lack of representation parts North. There was one in Chicago's Loop that always seemed packed, then it shutdown. There was another outside Indianapolis, and it too closed. My typical order was "the original"; man...I could totally go for one of their fake muffaletas (aka "the orig.") right now.

                  And, yeah...in total agreement: anyone who ordered anything other than "the original" was a fool. It's a masterpiece of fastfood-dom.

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                    Schlotzsky's is my new current food addiction for the past month. I've had to have one each week. I usually do a Regular Original. I had one tonight...it's getting rather boring and I am looking at other sandwich options.

                    Their pizza is usually good if they leave it in the oven for an extra 2 minutes, not another whole cycle.

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                      Aw, I love schlotsky's, used to go all the time when I lived in Houston and Austin, and even to the aforementioned Loop location in Chicago. Sadly, their national expansion seems to have been derailed, and they don't have 'em where I live now in the NW. I wish they (& Potbelly!) would get up here, although we don't hurt for good sandwiches in this part of the world.

                  2. I tried Schlotzky's while I was working in Nashville a few years back. Normally, I wouldn't bother with a dirty-looking chain sandwich shop, but either I couldn't decide on anything else that day, or someone from the office dragged me along. Regardless, after the experience, I managed to confuse Schlotzky's with Quizno's, and proceeded to tell anyone who brought up the latter that they made the worst sandwich I've ever had. I've since realized my error and, while I'm sure that Quizno's is its own style of lousy, I'll be avoiding Schlotzky's indefinitely.

                    1. Had their veggie sandwich once. Buttered bread, melted cheese made the veggies warm and soggy. I threw it out. I would have gone back and tried something else, but I saw how fattening their sandwiches are!

                      1. I like them, but always prefer to eat them there, as the short drive home with them all wrapped up makes them soggy and messes up the bread. I like the original on the jalapeno cheese bread, although the Albuquerque Turkey and the Italiano are both pretty tasty. I'm sure they're no comparison to a real muffaletta from New Orleans, but it's as close as I'll be getting anytime soon. When I want a real muffaletta, I make one at home with home-baked bread loaves.