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Bagels in Las Vegas

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Does anyone have a favorite bagel place? I have been getting them at the Bagel Cafe on Buffalo. They are ok, but not top notch. Most places have the kind that is like bread with a hole in the middle, not a clue to what a bagel should be. I'd love to hear from LV hounds with other ideas.

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  1. I really like Sterling Bagels at the Smith's center -- Lake Mead and Rampart (NW corner). 2223 N Rampart. Real bagels, not those breadlike things.

    1. Hey I am a Jewish NYer and a bagel snob but I am down with bagel cafe. I also like that place on twain by Maryland parkway.

      1. The only decent bagels are at Harrie's Bagelmnia on Twain and swenson. Every Tuesday is a dozen bagels for $4.50.

        1. Thanks for the input. It amazes me what people think are bagels.