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Jan 3, 2008 07:30 PM

hawaiian food places in seattle

havent seen a thread about hawaiian food,love it. not posting chains like l&l . these are the place that i know of .how about your fav place?. 1,kauai family familiy off mich ave 2. leas, up in devuall,.they are going thru some tough times as the husband needs a heart transplant 3. bobbies up in everett 4.pac west,across from sea tac mall.anybody know of any em

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  1. One of my faves is Saimin Says in Kent/Des Moines. A true "hole-in the wall" that puts out great Hawaiian style bentos, chili, and of course Saimin. I haven't been there in over a year, so you may want call them before making the trek. Here's a PI review of them from 2005:

    Bobbies is always a winna!

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    1. re: nonbei

      This place has very limited hours. I don't know how they expect to stay in business. I've driven there 2 or 3 times during reasonable "restaurant hours" and they've been closed each time.

    2. As a transplant myself, I'd suggest Kona Kitchen on 5th Ave NE and Hawaiian Breeze in Wallingford. Both have great food and Kona Kitchen has a bar and wide-screen TV for watching UH Warriors games.

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      1. re: Hanads

        You need to get yourself to Kauai Family Restaurant.The folks at Kona Kitchen are really nice but the food is nothing compared to that at Kauai. Unless Hawaiian Breeze had improved in the past few months, I wouldn't send anyone there.

      2. Whatever you do, stay away from L and L. They seem authentic, but the food is atrocious. Pacific Island Grill in Federal Way is not to bad. Just do not order the Poi, it always seems like it is really watered down and like it has been sitting around too long. Still searching for the best Lau Lau in town.

        Let us know if you have any luck.

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          L&L is my favorite place to eat when I go back to Hawaii, so I was happy to find one here in Lynnwood. I always just order chicken katsu (sometimes with curry). It's pretty awesome compared to what's available to students around the Ave near UW. Kelsolake's comment may be true that the food at L&L is atrocious because I've never tried any of their other stuff. However, if you happen to stop there, try the chicken katsu. Many of my friends agree that it's better than most katsu you can find elsewhere.

        2. This thread has me intrigued. I've never had Hawaiian food. If I were to try one of these restaurants, what do you suggest I order?

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            to go easy,i would say go to kauai family and start out with peters hawaiian bbq chicken.not your regular bbq,but more of a terriki flavor or, a hulu hulu sauce .but o so ono.small place ,but your order is cooked as you wait.this gives you time to look at the menu and ask question about the food for next time.

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                what does everyone think of Ohana on 1st ave in belltown (is it still there?)?

                I am not an expert on hawaiian food, but i liked this place the time i tried it.

                1. re: bluedog67

                  Ohana is good, just pricey and slightly fancy for good plate lunch type food. Kauai family is great, but I wish they served more rice with their meals. I prefer the mac salad over the other places. They also used to sell decent malasadas on the weekends. I'm not sure if they still do. Lunch hour is sooo busy though. Even when you call in a take out order, be prepared to wait 20 minutes. Bobbie's in Everett comes in at a close 2nd. I enjoy the chicken long rice and lomi lomi salmon. The poke wasn't so fresh the last time I ordered. Kona Kitchen is ok. They win with their cocktails.

          2. Hawaiian food around the Seattle area is difficult. Kauai family is okay in a pinch, but beware the wait and the extremely slow and rude service.

            I like Hawaii BBQ in the Udistrict. I used to go there pretty regularly when I was in school. The owner is very nice.

            I have not been happy with Hawaiian Breeze or Kona Kitchen, but it's been a while so I'd give them another try.

            I love L&L, but each one is a franchise and given a lot of discretion, so their food's not standard. Their spam & egg sandwiches are still awesome, though (once you remove half of the onion they pile on them).

            Ohana is not, in my opinion, Hawaiian food.

            Generally I just break down and buy laulau (steam them), poi (mix in some water) and kalua pig (heat, add cabage) from Uwajimaya and make it at home. They also sell frozen Zippys chili and portuguese bean soup (YUM!).

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              forgot about the food court in uwajimaya,aloha cafe is not bad. sounds like you stay around seattle,while l&l is a franchise if i remember right the first was openned in lynwood and now there are 3 lynwood,renton and fed way.i believe all 3 are owned by the same entitity.i have seen the same people in charge atall3 of the chains.but for a good meal i would still stand behind kauai family,might be alittle slow,but then again if we arent we run hawaiian time when we go to eat.but would really offer you go to bobbies in everett or leas. uwajimaya also carries portguee suasage and manapuahs

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                heres another place that has very good food,waimea brewing company,111center way,kirkland,425-828-0404.last time we went,last year,cecilio of c&K[cecilio and kapono] was playing there solo.

                1. re: mics

                  They've been out-of-business at that location for over a year.

                2. re: mics

                  I went to Bobbys in Everett for the first time last week and the food was killer! It ended up being pretty expensive, though, because they didn't seem to have the ubiquitous "Hawaiian Plate". I was stuck ordering an entree of lau lau (with rice and mac salad) for about $10, plus ala carte portions of kalua pig (about $6), poi ($4 for 4 ozs), etc. Adds up fast...but it was really tasty.
                  The Food Network just did a thing about them so they were busy...