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Jan 3, 2008 06:20 PM

Caplan's Delicatessen in Randallstown

Does anyone remember this place? I went there as a kid. I assumed it was gone but it was listed in my GPS so I drove by to see if it was there. It was not. Anyone know when it closed? Anyone go there in the past 5-7 years and have any info/stories?

Did it move somewhere else? I was looking where it used to be at the corner of Liberty and Old Court Rd in that shopping center.


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  1. Caplan's is no more. The Randallstown location was sold about 7-8 years ago. It then went out of business about two years later. They opened a location in Woodlawn in an office park. That is still in business, but is no longer owned by the Caplan family. It is nothing like it used to be. This location is cafeteria style and the food is not that tasty.


    1. Just to add a happy ending....the Caplan family is alive and well and operating a very successful food vending business ( JELCAP Vending) in the Baltimore area.....making fresh sandwiches et al for lots of corporate office buildings. I grew up in Randallstown....that was a good deli !

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