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Apr 2, 2001 07:39 PM

Good Pan American Supermarket in LA?

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I moved to Los Angeles in August and want to find a supermarket like Ranch 99 in the bay area. I want to cook some Thai food and am looking for a good Asian Market close to the Westside or downtown to get the ingredients. Any suggestions?

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    Ronald Young

    "A" Grocery Warehouse is a surprisingly well stocked source of all types of Asian foodstuff. From the exterior one would never guess what can be found inside. Narrow aisles are stacked high with exotic packaged and canned foods. The produce section offers good quality fruits and vegetables that spill out into the parking lot - get the malodorous durian fruit here, when in season. The seafood section bustles and the product moves quickly, insuring a pretty fresh catch. They'll clean the fish for you and cut it to your liking.
    Asian style cuts of meat can be found here, rather than what is usually found for western preparation. This gem in the rough is at 1489 W. Sunset Blvd.
    Ranch 99 markets, scattered throughout the San Gabriel Valley, also offer good selection and are more like the modern supermarket that many prefer.
    Honing in on Thai food, you might try Bangkok Market at 4757 Melrose Ave.

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      The 99 Ranch stores in Chinatown and all over the San Gabriel Valley are great, the HK (Korean) supermarket is grand and the Hong Kong supermarkets have amazing seafood selections.

      There are a couple of more than acceptable Chinese supermarkets in Culver City, but I'm blanking on the names right now...

      1. re: Pepper

        For all-Asian, try the chain super on Olympic, just west of Vermont, name might be Han Nam. Large & very, very busy, thus assuring freshness in seafood & meat. For Japanese, the Yaohan super in Little Tokyo at 3d & Alameda is your best bet.

        1. re: Mr Grub

          For a warehouse type Asian market in Downtown LA. try LAX-C on Main Street north of Cesar Chavez, but before you reach the Brewery Arts Complex. It's primarily Thai, but they also have Chinese, Japanese, and Indian Products. There are not only dry goods, but also produce, seafood & meats (the latter two can be questionable...not an endorsement). I call it the Asian Costco (this place is HUGE), and on any given day, you'll find a multitude of Thai restaurateurs shopping there.

        2. re: Pepper

          The 99 Ranch Store in Chinatown in the Bamboo (?) Plaza where the Empress Pavilion (Han Gong) restaurant stands is closed. There is also a 99 ranch in the valley at Sepulveda and Victory.

      2. 99 Ranch Market originated in the L.A. area in the late 1980s and now has locations in Monterey Park, San Gabriel, Hacienda Heights, Rowland Heights, Anaheim and Van Nuys. The one in Rowland Heights (1015 S. Nogales @ the Pomona Fwy.) is probably the biggest grocery store you'll ever see anywhere. Unfortunately the Chinatown store closed down a few years ago so there isn't a branch convenient to central L.A. or the Westside. There are Chinese grocery stores in Chinatown, but none of the magnitude of the 99 Ranch or other large Asian supermarkets in the San Gabriel valley.