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Jan 3, 2008 06:19 PM

Crab Feed Equipment

I would like to do a dungeness crab feed for a couple of dozen friends in Berkeley, CA. Where can I rent an outdoor propane cooker that will cook and cool a couple of dozen crabs relatively quickly? Is it a better deal to buy the cooker? Thanks.

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  1. Have never done a crab feed but I assume you only need a huge pot/stand/strainer/propane hook up -- check places like Target, Home Depot, Ave Hardware. etc to see if they put any of their turkey fryers/outdoor cooking systems on sales after the holiays. My friend picked up a fryer kit for about $30-35 from Target before.

    1. I totally agree, having done a boil a few months ago. Well salt the water, like the sea, and a bit of garlic powder is great too (i am not a fan of crab boil seasoning), and one more tip- no matter how much i adore melted butter for my crab, when i did crab for a dozen people, big bowls of garlicky homemade aioli is a WAY more sane idea.(and will also go great with a bowl of roasted potatoes or other veg, and grilled bread, to keep people busy while youre finishing up) Good luck! its going to be great.

      1. oh ps- be SURE to preorder your crabs, just to avoid last minute freak out. Tokyo Fish is great, 99 Ranch is of course dirt cheap.