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Jan 3, 2008 06:17 PM

Sal De Forte in Ewing

Very nice meal tonight at this Trenton restaurant that recently moved into an invisible shopping center in Ewing. I had a perfectly cooked stuffed porkchop. Another friend has the Osso Buco which she said was excellent. Others had pasta dishes that they enjoyed as well. Calamari appetizer was fresh and light. The clam appetizer we split was so-so, with way too much in the way of bread crumbs. Cannoli were light and creamy. Service was friendly, but not quite up to par. Server could not remember who had which entrees, left the table immediately after dropping off the food, and some of us were missing utensils. We had to grab them off another set table as we could not get his attention. Service issues aside, I would absolutely return. This is good, solid Italian, perfect for a midweek dinner. Dinner for 4 of us was around $100; a very fair price. Restaurant is BYOB.

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  1. I ate there New Year's Eve (after being there twice before) and my meal was also very good. I also had the clam appetizer and felt the same (not too good) and our calamari was a bit dry that night. Entrees were excellent and service a bit slow but the restaurant was packed. Prices are very reasonable and I've yet to see the place advertised.