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Jan 3, 2008 06:13 PM

Fresh Food Markets

My fellow foodie fiance and I are headed into Manhattan next weekend and are staying in Midtown. We've heard rave reviews about Fulton Fish Market, but we are regretably without a vehicle for the duration of our stay. Is there a good way to get to Hunts Point sans vehicle? Can anyone suggest a comparable seafood (or really any type of food) market that would be worth visitng?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Chelsea Market has The Lobster Place and Buon Italia, both pretty awesome.

    The Grand Central Market is a good resource too, and very convenient to midtown.

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      I like both of small h's recommendations.
      I'll also add Citarella (East side location) to that list [for seafood].

      If you feel daring and feel the need to stretch your legs ... get to Grand Central and go to Arthur Avenue via Metro North disembarking at the Fordham stop. It's a ten to fifteen minute walk from the station. You'll have *many* options once there, and you can visit Randazzo's or Cosenza's fish markets for your seafood needs. Randazzo's is the better of the two. Search the boards here for relevant info and any needed encouragement.


      Hunts Point is reachable via the 6 train. You'll need to take a cab from the Hunts Point station. It's only about a five to ten minute drive from the station. Maybe $8 carfare ??

      Be sure to check their hours ...
      They might still be only M - F.

      1. re: small h

        Also add in Essex Street Market, and a stroll through Union Square Greenmarket (although many of the popular vendors won't be around until spring, but hey, you can get really good, hot apple cider).

        1. re: kathryn

          Essex is my local market, and I have beaucoup love for it, but no way is it worth a trip from midtown. The seafood selection there is pretty lousy.

          1. re: small h

            I agree. Essex St. Market isn't worth a special trip. really small and limited in selection. I was disappointed the first (and only) time i went there.

      2. I second the Chelsea Market rec. I'd add that if you'll be around the UWS, you could go to Citarella (great fish), and also to Fairway and Zabar's (and Jacques Torres for hot chocolate to warm you up after your stroll).

        1. Is the new Fulton Fish Market even a visitor friendly place? I've never heard of anyone going there, i thought it was strictly business. has anyone been there before that can comment on this?