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Jan 3, 2008 06:12 PM

Fav Shawarma places in the GTA???

I personally remember the Shawarma place that was just outside College Station (on yonge just slightly north of Ryerson) that offered the 2 shawarma sandwiches for $5 or so.
The shop had a red sign and very tasty food. I loved the chicken shawarma sandwich the most.

^ Recently the place has been taken over by a NEW Shawarma business that just doesn't have the same zing as the previous owners. meh.

So where do you guys all go for your Shawarmas, Falafels and Middle Eastern rice dishes??
In the GTA?

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  1. Someone will chime in with the proper name.. but the place across the street from Beer Station next to the movie theatre is tops for me. Bathurst/Bloor area, north side.

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    1. re: 50firstdatesguy

      name of the place you are referring to is Ghazale

      1. re: thatlankyfoody

        Thats it, thanks thatlankyfoody. Some say quality has gone downhill a little but they're open real late and I've always found their Shwarma to be quite delicious, as recently as the summer/fall.

        1. re: 50firstdatesguy

          i like ghazale for their veggie stuff (grape leaves, etc.) but i really DON'T like their shawarma/falafel.

    2. Awesome guys. keep em coming!

      1. Lots of discussion on this topic before....this is only 1 thread.

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          Here's a vote for Yakamov, a Russian/Israeli/ Middle Eastern hole-in-the wall (though it does have good seating) that I was first tipped off to, if I recall, on Chowhound. It serves up the tastiest chicken shawarma sandwich I've had in Toronto, and I've tried about a dozen or more different places. But if you live downtown, you'll have to travel north to get your teeth into it. It's in a vaguely down-at-the-heels plaza on Wilson Ave., on the south side about a block west of Bathurst St. Juicy, flavorful, with tasty extras to enhance the chicken, it's a quite substantial sandwich compared to many of its competitors. The place is clean, well run and does a busy lunch trade, somewhat less so at dinner. So lunch seems the best time to get it at its freshly-made best. I find it easily beats all the Bloor St. shawarma joints, as well as many of the Lawrence Ave. E. spots, many of which offer skimpy, tasteless (though certainly low-priced) sandwiches on pitas of uncertain quality. Of which the most unpleasant of the downtown bunch is Ghazale on Bloor St., which started out good and cheap, but has since degenerated, offering little more than a stale smell that permeates almost the entire block of Bloor on which it perches.

          1. re: juno

            The best shawarma I've had in town was on a particular visit to the aforementioned Yakomoz (sic). All of its elements combine to make it truly standout. I should add though that you do have to get lucky with the timing to get the really good parts of the shawarma in general. And yes, the shawarma at Ghazale is the pits, especially considering its reputation.

        2. Scarborough - Farhat (Mmmmmmmm lamb)
          Downtown - Jasmine

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          1. re: Googs

            Farhat Period. Anything else is second best...

            1. re: Connoisseur

              Something 2 Talk About on Gerrard at Bay has good chicken shawarma and is a friendly family-run type of place. I have not eaten at Ghazale for a while but I walk by all the time and I think the smell is heavenly!

              1. re: Connoisseur

                I used to love the food here too but now the place is just too dirty. Take a look up at the ceiling the next time you go.

              2. re: Googs

                What a coincidence....just having some Farhat lamb shwarmas while i am typing this....

                1. re: warlock


                  I often make a quick shawarma run from work downtown, but have yet to find anything that compares to Farhat. And the lamb in particular....<uncontrollable spontaneous drooling>

              3. A bit out of the shawarma circuit, but... Sarah's on Bloor at Brunswick is quite good (I always go for beef, there - beautiful seasoning); I forget the name of the place, but the shawarma at the "food mall" on the north side of Queen W across from City TV is very good but waaaaayy too expensive for the volume; Ghazale, by the Bloor Cinema was once my fave, but is not as good as days of yore. There's a new space, at Yonge and St Joseph, and their beef shawarma was lovely, and, I think, has the mayonaise-y sauce for which Haligonians hanker.

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                1. re: hungry_pangolin

                  Ghazale has to be the worse I have had in TO...the shaved meat seemed to have been lying around for quiet some time and then they microwaved the Shwarma in front of me,instead of using a panini grill....that did it for me,I mean how can you nuke something like that in front of a customer....and yet people still drool over it,I guess they have never had Shwarma anyplace else...