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Jan 3, 2008 05:23 PM

Storing Homemade Ice Cream

I've started testing ice cream that I've made and actually really getting into it. Coffee and cocktails are sort of my passion/hobby but this ice cream experimenting is catching up. Anyway, I've noticed after a few days that it's starting to develop a slight freezer burn taste. What's the best container to use to avoid this and any other non-artificial tips? Right now, I have it "air-tight" in tupperware??? Thanks!

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  1. Jfood made a batch of banana ice cream this week. He also had some hard plastic Ziploc containers that have a twist on top versus the snap ons. He is not sure where he bought them (Maybe costco). It seems to keep the ice cream very fresh. Jfood is not sure whether it's the thickness or the twist on but it works very well.

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      I second jfood's use of the screw-top Ziploc container. You can find them all over... at Target, Walmart, Supermarkets etc. I think they are a bit larger than a pint.


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        I used these for a little while, but them I found that I was cracking them with a spoon when I was serving the ice cream. My wife got fed up with that, so we eventually settled on some lightweight plastic containers that I buy from McMaster-Carr. Before I found these, though, I tried styrofoam (they broke and they did not let the ice cream freeze fast enough) and the paper pints that are mentioned by someone below (they worked fine, but I'd like something I could reuse a couple times and they were a bit pricey).

        Check out part number 41635t45 at

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          The cracking used to happen with me and the disposable glad or rubbermaid containers (I can't remember the brand but it wasn't ziploc). i switched to ziploc because the plastic is heavier. Haven't cracked one yet!

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            a spoon will create a perpendicular attack on the plastic when you push into the ice cream. Try a rounded scoop so you are going across the ice cream not into it.

        2. I have always found that tightly placing cling-film over the top of ice cream, and then in a airtight (Rubbermaid/Tupperware) container keeps ice cream from picking up off flavors and ice crystals.

          The temp cycling of a frost-free freezer also exacerbates this problem.

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            I'll give that a try. Anyone over use these...

            I'm so curious about nonplastic containers.

          2. I buy the lined cardboard pint containers from Smart 'n Final (or any bulk restaurant supply store) to store ice cream in. I find that a typical recipe makes enough to fill 1 pint container and 2 serving bowls (to eat right away). I've pulled out ice cream that's been in the freezer for 2 months and they don't have the icy freezer burn and they don't taste funny, either. Granted, the containers aren't useable (they're just like commerical ice cream pint containers), but it's the best I've found.

            I have some of the twist-on Ziploc containers jfood uses (although I haven't tried it with ice cream) and I suspect the thickness of the plastic along with the tighter seal is what keeps his ice cream in good shape.

            1. It's an expensive option, but likely the best. If you have a vacuum sealer, you can purchase bowls that allow you to vacuum all the air out. This coupled with storing it immediately in a very cold freezer and not rethawing the whole mess multiple times will keep it from becoming freezer burned and creating large ice crystals.


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              1. I do what you are doing right now, with the addition of pressing plastic wrap directly on the surface of the ice cream (like you would after making a custard to prevent skin from forming). Then if you put the normal tupperware top on top of that, it will last far longer than any home made ice cream should ever last in a freezer (you have more self control than I do if it lasts a week).