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Apr 2, 2001 12:35 PM

Any San Bernardino suggestions?

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Does anyone have any suggestions for good food in the San Bernardino/Rialto area? The only place I know of is a little Thai place named (I'm not kidding) Thai Place. I found a Korean barbecue in the phone book but haven't been there yet, and I have heard rumors of a Middle Eastern restaurant but not from anyone who has actually eaten there. I will be spending weekends in that area for the next two months, so any guidance is appreciated.

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  1. Pack a lunch before you go.

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    1. re: Pepper

      LOL at your comment!

    2. Surely there must be some good little Mexican dives, as well as soul food, since that area has sizeable Latino and Black populations.

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        Richard Foss

        My friend Melissa is Mexican and grew up in that area, and I asked her for suggestions. Her suggestions boil down to "Traer un almuerzo." (Trans: "Bring a lunch".)

        I have been to Gerard's in Riverside, a French place which is fairly good though not exactly cutting-edge, and to Joe Greensleeves, which is the only place I know of in the area that would actually thrive on the West Side. (They grill and smoke items with citrus woods, which lends a very nice taste when done right.) Both are a hike from where I'm teaching, but may be worth it. There used to be a decent Basque place in the area too, but I couldn't find it the last time I looked.

      2. The answer is Redlands. Joe Greensleeves is a terrific, upscale lunch(?) & dinner place. Also try Kool Kactus across the 10 in Loma Linda. There is also a Cajun place in Redlands. Downtown Rialto boasts a passable french place, Chez ?. Riverside is 10 minutes away with the Mission Inn, eat in the courtyard.

        1. Mr. Foss-hope you see this as I'm a little late in the game but here are some recs-

          A Dong, a vietnamese restaurant in colton (i think) is very good. River Kwai in Moreno valley has tastey Thai food. Although closed for remodeling for the next month or so, Mario's Place Restaurant (downtown riverside) has an extremely talented chef named Leone Palagi, and he is capable of flat out magnificent feats (disclosure-i used to work at mario's place, but that was a few years back.) If you can call ahead and ask Leone to put together a special tasting menu for you, you will be blown away. His cooking is on par with anything I've had anywhere in LA. Tina's Tacos on University Ave in riverside was a mainstay when I lived in the area.

          In Redlands, Joe Greensleeves is just ok, but there is a thai place that is REALLY good-if only i could remember the name!!! I'll get back to you on that one. . .

          let me think about it and I'll get back to you with more . . .

          peace and grub to you mr. foss

          (are you teaching at the csu out there? just wondering. . )

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            Richard Foss

            Thanks for the A Dong recommendation - I'll try it. I'm sorry the place in Riverside is closed, as you make it sound wonderful. I'm looking for something excellent because I'm taking some new friends to dinner, and I want to treat them to the best in the area.

            (Regarding the classes, I'm actually teaching acting workshops at the Renaissance Faire - they're in rehearsals for the next few weeks.)

          2. I was born and raised in SB, but now live in LA. There is only one place I would wholeheartedly recommend, if you "had" to go out there.

            Rosa Maria´s #1
            Address: 4202 N. Sierra Way
            San Bernardino, CA 92404


            Rosa Maria´s #2
            Address: 7275 Boulder Ave.
            Highland, CA 92346

            Get either a "Garbage Burrito" or a meat, bean and cheese burrito. They are absolutely incomparable. They are so good that RM actually ships their burritos around the country.

            The rest of the food is very good, but you really ought to stick to their specialty- burritos.

            I have posted their website's URL if anyone wants to order some.