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Jan 3, 2008 05:02 PM

Valentine's Double Whammie!

Well, my boyfriend's birthday is on Valentine's Day so I'm looking to do something extra special (especially since he far outdid me with xmas gifts). Besides the typical "romantic" restaurant scenes (quiet, warm ambience), I'd love to hear if anyone has a favorite romantic spot, such as a corner table, back room, etc. at a restaurant (that you won't need for V day!). I'm creative and crazy so wouldn't mind making the extra effort to make his night stand out!

Specific requests:
-Budget: $120 on food alone (for 2)
-Wine & cocktails available
-Non pre-fixe options available
-not too casual (formal fine as well)
-any neighborhood
-NOT Indian, Mexican, small plates/tapas


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  1. We love Del Posto.
    i think it is nice that he went the extra mile for you on Christmas..................that's the way it should be.
    Check out the Del Posto site and see if it is a fit for you. The restaurant is beautiful and there is a piano player.
    The food and service are exceptional.
    Have fun................Make reservations early wherever you decide to celebrate.

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      Wouldn't Del Posto's dining room be over the $120 for two food cost? I haven't been to Del Posto's enoteca, so don't know how romantic it is, but would be closer to the budget.

    2. I will recommend my new favorite restaurant, Allen and Delancey. It is quite romantic and elegant without being too stuffy. Most importantly, the food is really good! The menu isn't huge, but almost everything I tried was perfectly prepared and delicious.

      I went there before Bruni did a review on A&D, and since then it has been much harder to get reservation. Below is the link to the review:
      (p.s. I don't know what he was thinking, but I will give A&D 3 Stars instead of 2


      The price point also fits with your budget.

      Another cozy place I can think of is Little Owl, but it is a bit too causal (I think) for your occasion, and the food is not as good as A&D's.

      Just as a reference, if you really want to go all out, Bouley is certainly romantic and upscale, but it is prix-fixe and will cost about $200 for 2 (food only).

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      1. L'Impero. $64 for the 4-course prix fixe, less if you order 3 courses a la carte. It has a cozy but elegant atmosphere, and the food is superb.

        1. Beware that many restaurants have special (and generally more expensive and limited) menus for Valentine's day. Check before reserving.