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Jan 3, 2008 04:59 PM

Best cocktails in Westchester

I cannot find a match to the absolutely perfect red sangria I had at Tango Grill over a year ago. Made me think about starting a post on the best cocktails around the county. Please, let me know!!! Martinis, Marguaritas, Manhattans...

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  1. The best "designer" cocktail I had in Westchester was at the bar at Blue Hill Stone Barns (I am not a fan of BHSB, but loved the cocktail). Of course they use only fresh juice and herbs, etc...
    My favorite Margarita in the county is at Sunset Grill in White Plains--especially at happy hour, when they are half price. I will not drink a margarita made from a sugary mix, they fresh squeeze the lime juice.
    The recipe for Tango Grill's sangria was published in Westchester magazine a while ago. I have it somewhere, let me know if you'd like it.

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      I have to agree that Sunset has the best drinks around. They have spoiled me rotten with their fresh squeezed fruit juices. No mixes here. I too love watching Oscar behind the bar crushing the fresh fruit. He is pretty cute too. My favorite has to be the Mojito.

    2. B-4 in Valhalla makes a killer Pomegranate Martini, don't know about their other cocktails but that one stands out to me.
      Marge, do you know what issue of the Westchester magazine had that recipe? I have most of the back issues and would like to try that recipe.

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        September 2007...I found a link online to it also (actually the website for the sangria photographer!).

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          Interesting, it's not at all what the guy mixed in front of us. He used merlot as the base, then added 4 kinds of shnaps (1 part each): green apple, banana, raspberry and peach, then a lot of orange juice (probably same amount as red wine), finely chopped fruits and a twig of mint. Delish.

        2. Pacifico in Port Chester has a terrific Pisco Sour. Pisco is a Peruvian liquor that is very hard to find in the U.S.

          1. trey the new ritz hotel in white plains

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              So agree on Sunset Grille, except it's their pomegranate martini that blows me away.

              Gavi in Armonk makes an outstanding martini and manhattan.

              1. re: dolores

                I also agree Sunset Grille has wonderful (and strong) drinks, I really love the raspberry mojito, and I love watching the bartender hand crush the fruit and mint into the glass with a wooden pestle.

                The lounge at the Ritz also has very nice cocktails, including seasonal ones, although of course, pricey.

            2. Wow Sunset Grille has 1/2 price margaritas during happy hour?!? I didn't know that and I live 2 blocks away! Too bad I get out of work so late during the week :(

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                Yup, all their drinks are half price and their pomegranate martini is wonderful.