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Best cocktails in Westchester

I cannot find a match to the absolutely perfect red sangria I had at Tango Grill over a year ago. Made me think about starting a post on the best cocktails around the county. Please, let me know!!! Martinis, Marguaritas, Manhattans...

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  1. The best "designer" cocktail I had in Westchester was at the bar at Blue Hill Stone Barns (I am not a fan of BHSB, but loved the cocktail). Of course they use only fresh juice and herbs, etc...
    My favorite Margarita in the county is at Sunset Grill in White Plains--especially at happy hour, when they are half price. I will not drink a margarita made from a sugary mix, they fresh squeeze the lime juice.
    The recipe for Tango Grill's sangria was published in Westchester magazine a while ago. I have it somewhere, let me know if you'd like it.

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      I have to agree that Sunset has the best drinks around. They have spoiled me rotten with their fresh squeezed fruit juices. No mixes here. I too love watching Oscar behind the bar crushing the fresh fruit. He is pretty cute too. My favorite has to be the Mojito.

    2. B-4 in Valhalla makes a killer Pomegranate Martini, don't know about their other cocktails but that one stands out to me.
      Marge, do you know what issue of the Westchester magazine had that recipe? I have most of the back issues and would like to try that recipe.

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        September 2007...I found a link online to it also (actually the website for the sangria photographer!).

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          Interesting, it's not at all what the guy mixed in front of us. He used merlot as the base, then added 4 kinds of shnaps (1 part each): green apple, banana, raspberry and peach, then a lot of orange juice (probably same amount as red wine), finely chopped fruits and a twig of mint. Delish.

        2. Pacifico in Port Chester has a terrific Pisco Sour. Pisco is a Peruvian liquor that is very hard to find in the U.S.

          1. trey the new ritz hotel in white plains

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              So agree on Sunset Grille, except it's their pomegranate martini that blows me away.

              Gavi in Armonk makes an outstanding martini and manhattan.

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                I also agree Sunset Grille has wonderful (and strong) drinks, I really love the raspberry mojito, and I love watching the bartender hand crush the fruit and mint into the glass with a wooden pestle.

                The lounge at the Ritz also has very nice cocktails, including seasonal ones, although of course, pricey.

            2. Wow Sunset Grille has 1/2 price margaritas during happy hour?!? I didn't know that and I live 2 blocks away! Too bad I get out of work so late during the week :(

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                Yup, all their drinks are half price and their pomegranate martini is wonderful.

              2. My boyfriend takes me out to have dinner twice a week and I tried an awsome sangria a few weeks ago at Laguna restaurant in White Plains, I can actually say it was one of the best sangrias I had in the past 2 years, my boyfriend loves margaritas and he said he had the best ones in only 2 places, 1 of them was in nyc (west village) and the other one he tried was at Laguna, he qualifies it as excellent... This young bartender seems to know what he's doing, plus he's a very handsome guy. Food was great not to be a pricey place.

                1. The best mixed drinks in Westchester are found at Nessa in Port Chester.