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Jan 3, 2008 04:11 PM

Bob's Noodle 66 vs. Joe's Noodle House

Hello All,
I know both of these Rockville restaurants have been discussed extensively on this board, but I had to bring them up again. In the lastest Washingtonian rankings, Bob's Noodle 66 was ranked higher than Joe's Noodle House-- this seems so odd to me. Of course taste in food is subjective (and no need to point out that I'm comparing Taiwanese food to Szechuan), but Joe's, to me, seems to be so much better. Over the years, I have eaten at Joe's dozens of times, and almost have never had a bad meal-- at worst, I've had average meals there. Its definitely one of my absolute favorite restaurants in the area. Bob's, on the other hand, is very hit or miss. Their Chicken and Basil cassarole is fantastic (although I've had it be pretty mediocre once or twice). But almost everything else I've had, especially their appetizers, has been pretty disappointing-- that is, a bit on the bland side, sometimes greasy, sometimes not served hot, etc. Do you agree that Joe's is much better? Do you know why Washingtonian Magazine prefers Bob's? If you prefer Bob's, what on the menu am I missing out on?

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  1. My Mom was just out here visiting. She loves the diversity of food we have to offer. So, I took her to HK Palace for one lunch and TRIED to order safer food, but of course I ended up giving her gastric distress.

    I wonder if the reviewer is not accustomed of Sichuan, or is just more favorable to Taiwanese. As a direct relation to this argument, I took my Mom to Hollywood East for dim sum and we had a good meal on both sides.

    1. I agree with Dennis S -- all reviews are based on the tastes and preferences of the critics. They are to give you an insight of what eating there would be like until you actually go there (yes, I'm sure you are aware of that).

      I prefer Bob's because, surprisingly, the two times that I've been Joe's, I've had awful food. I can't remember what dishes I've ordered, since it's been 2yrs (and yes, I probably should go back to give another shot), but it was overseasoned, oily and very salty for my tastes. However, my stomach leans towards Dennis's mom's and I ended up getting a stomach upset from Sichuan food in general too, so that may be the case.

      Yes, Bob can be hit or miss too, but a review, is just a sneak peek, and really, that's all it should be taken as -- another's opinion of what your eating experience may end up being, even though in reality, it may not be.

      I would just shrug it and stand your ground like others have on this board to state that Joe's is the best and your fave.

      1. I kind of had the same experience as orangemix. I went to Joe's two years ago and did not really like the food, then tried it again last year and felt the same. It was a bit oily and salty. Could be just my taste though and someone else could easily find it very tasty. There was one dish I got, a porkchop dish, that had a LOT of msg all over it. I know the porkchop dish usually is prepared with some salt and pepper on the outside and slightly fried, but this one really had an extreme amount of crystal-looking msg bits covering it. It was hard to eat more than one or two.

        As for Bobs 66, I've always had good meals there, so I would agree with the Washingtonian rankings. They have lots of rice and noodle dishes if you want to eat good and inexpensive.