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Jan 3, 2008 03:48 PM

River Oyster House - metrorail question

Do they still have happy hour oyster specials on Saturdays? It says that on their website.

We're thinking of taking the tri-rail down to Miami. I see that you transfer at metrorail and get off at the Brickell exit, but that's sw 10th St & 1st Ave. Is it a safe area to walk 3 1/2 blocks north to the River Oyster House?

I could walk north 3.5 blocks up SW 1st Ave then over on 7th or
1 block east on 7th, 8th, 9th, or 10th to South Miami Ave and then go north?

Sorry for such a weird question, I just don't want to get mugged on a late saturday afternoon or early evening. I'm clueless when it comes to Miami streets.

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  1. You're more apt to get mugged at the Tri-rail station in Hialeah where you must transfer to the metrorail! Why the Tri-rail doesn't follow along side I95 as it does in Broward and PB is beyond me. You should get off on the people mover exit at that's 3 trains! 1st you got to take the tri-rail to the metro rail, then transfer to the people mover.

    My advice: drive! Unless of course you have a keen sense of adventure and lots of time! That area is generally safe and is really becoming a dining and entertainment's the rest of the trip that worries me OysterHo!

    Bon voyage...btw, I have no idea about their HH.

    1. Why you'd get mugged in Hialeah I don't know. Does Hialeah have a high crime rate, or is the comment for some other reason?

      Regardless, take the tri-rail to metrorail Brickell stationthen to the people mover and get off at the 8th St. station. Go west one block then north one block. You'll see River from the people mover station.

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        Hialeah is lax when compared to the ride between there and gov center in downtown. The rest is a walk in the park.

        1. River Oyster Bar is a great restaurant. If you don't want to take the Metro Mover, getting off at Brickell Station on the Metrorail is fine. The best route would be to get off the Metrorail and head one block east on either 10th or 9th. Then head north on Miami Avenue untl you hit 7th street and you'll run right into River Oyster Bar. That route takes you through the Mary Brickell Village area, which is perfectly safe even after dark. You will have one block of just sidewalk b/w 8th and 7th, but there are lots of cars around, so it's not like it's deserted. On your way back, have coffee at Perricone's on their outdoor patio (at 10th and Miami Ave.) - their cafe latte is great!

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            *On your way back, have coffee at Perricone's on their outdoor patio (at 10th and Miami Ave.) - their cafe latte is great!*

            Glad to know there's something they make well.