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Jan 3, 2008 03:30 PM

Want Best Food with Casual Dress Code

Wife and I will be celebrating birthdays and want to have a terrific meal either Sunday or Monday (13th and 14th of Jan) night in NO. Trouble is, we won't be traveling in a dressy mode and about the best I can do will be a polo shirt with a decent pair of jeans. So we'd like suggestions for great food, a decent atmosphere, but without the formal look. My first choice would be Cochon, but we ate there a few months back and would like to try something different. Would appreciate any ideas.

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  1. I eat at GW Fins alot and the food is excellent! You will find everything from very dressy to clean-cut casual. In the summer, I've even seen guys in tailored shorts. I highly recommend the Lobster Dumplings and the large scallops with mushroom risotto. Bourbon House is also wonderful and you can dress casually. I'd act quickly, since tomorrow starts the BCS Championship weekend thru Tuesday.

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      G W Fin's & Cochon were my first choices, based on the criteria.


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        Cochon would be a good choice for Monday. They are closed on Sunday.

    2. Lots of places are closed on Sundays and Mondays in NOLA. GW Fins is open both nights, as are Stella and, I believe, August. Both are more dressy than GW Fins, but you could go to both in nice jeans and a polo shirt.