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Mar 30, 2001 09:05 PM

The House

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Don't know if it's been reviewed on here but my wife and I tried The House, the new American restaurant on Melrose, twice this week (obviously, we liked it). The second time we went back with an Italian friend (always a test) and he walked out with a smile, pocketing the restaurant's card. All courses were good, with a nod to desert, the specialty of Chef Scooter Kanfer. Also, the have a list of 20 wines under $20, something to note after the talk on here about Los Feliz Restaurant and other places gouging on wine prices. There were, however, no bottles of Araujo for under twenty! :)

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  1. That is good to know. Am I mistaken or wasn't the House restaurant reviewed just this week and pretty well trashed? I think it was the New Times LA or LA Weekly. Never can tell who to believe.

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      The somewhat mixed review was by Michelle Huneven in L.A. Weekly.

      Meredith Brody, New Times L.A.'s reviewer, loved it.

      1. re: Larry

        I saw the review in th Weekly to which you're referring. To each his, or in this case her, own, but Michelle Heneuven's primary complaint was about the size of the dishes. Since I'm always fighting my weight, when I get slightly smaller dishes, I figure the chef is doing me a favor. Also, you may have noticed that Europeans are always making caustic comments about the amount of food served at American restaurants. About this they're probably right.