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Jan 3, 2008 02:59 PM

Finger Food Desserts

I'm looking for ideas for semi upscale desserts that could be eaten without utensils. It's for a cocktail party, so I'm trying to think outside the cookie/brownie box. Ideas anyone?

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  1. What about mini eclairs or cream puffs?

    1. Would mini-cheesecakes be too pedestrian? Properly decorated, they might be nice.

      1. How about mini-financiers? The little French cakes made with ground nuts (usually almonds) and egg whites. They have a different texture because of how they are made. I made some for Christmas dinner for dessert because there were lots of other sweets and we wanted something small. I made them in small oval shapes using a silicone baking thing I got from JBPrince. They looked pretty cool and were easy to manage, and kind of elegant. And supereasy.

        If you went the creampuff route, you could use a filling like one I just saw in a catalog that is equal parts marsarpone and lemon curd whipped together. Might have more body and be less drippy than a vanilla sauce filling, and sounds delicious (though I don't think either would be problems.

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          Good ideas - and Madeleines as well.

        2. I made a trio of bonbons for a recent fancy dinner: chocolate meringues, almond-orange brittle, and a fruit gelee. The gelee was the least successful -- they seemed to ooze and had to be rolled in sugar again just before serving -- and the brittle might not be good if any of your guest have less-than-perfect teeth. But I would definitely recommend the meringues -- delicious, light, easy to make.

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          1. re: jlafler

            All good ideas. I hadn't thought about mini financiers. I've made the one from Sunday Supper at Lucques so maybe I can adapt it.

            I was thinking about piping something chocolate (maybe ganache?) into hollowed out strawberries. Or is that a cliche?

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              Hmm. Looks good. Now I am thinking about maybe sweetened marscapone in the hollowed out berry, then dipping the whole thing in chocolate.

              1. re: shannoninstlouis

                That would be fantastic, I think. You could even use cannoli filling, if you wanted.

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                  Mmmm cannoli filling with less guilt what's no to like? I'd suggest if you're using chocolate chips in the filling to either give them a quick spin in the food processor to make them smaller or use the mini variety so the berries aren't difficult to fill.