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Jan 3, 2008 02:50 PM

E. Hastings Hidden Treasures VAN

We always drive down E. Hastings from Hwy 1 into the city when we go to Vancouver and see this parade of amazing looking divey vietnamese and other ethnic restaurants. I want to try them all, but we aren't here that much and I worry we'll go to the bad kind of dive rather than the good kind! We are adventurous eaters, but just don't want poorly prepared food.

We always end up just waiting til we are all the way downtown and then paying a lot more for fancy settings.

So which of the many places are worth stopping at? Bonus points for being closer to Hwy 1.

Thanks VanHounds!

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  1. Seri (Malaysian)
    The Pear Tree (Bistro - I haven't been in a while)
    The Roundel (homestyle Diner?)
    On Lok (HK Noodle house)
    La Salsa Mexican Deli (is it still open?)
    Le Petit Saigon (Vietnamese)
    Le Do (Pho)
    Pho 88 (Pho)

    The beauty of Hastings-Sunrise is all the food is inexpensive (except perhaps the Pear Tree - which is a premium restaurant) and good And all the restaurants listed are within a 5-10 minute radius of each other).

    1. bombay behl, i guess is technically on the burnaby side but yummy, just up the street from the pear tree.