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Jan 3, 2008 02:14 PM

Best fish tacos in the city?

I did a quick search on "fish tacos" on this board and did not find any information specifically related to folks' favorite fish taco joints in the city. I'm specifically in search of fish tacos wherein: the fish has been lightly battered then fried, and the toppings are sliced raw cabbage, simple white sauce and (maybe) salsa or pico de gallo. Any ideas? Essentially, I'm looking for a good SoCal rendition of fish tacos here in Chicago. Thanks in advance for any ideas you have. By the way, if anyone likes grilled fish tacos, those at Las Palmas on North Avenue in Wicker Park/Bucktown are delicious.

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  1. Ok. Stick with me here. There are probably more places I just don't know about that do them like you described. There are more that do them like you described, BUT use lettuce instead of cabbage (simple regional difference - we're not in socal i.e. don't go to San Diego and try to get stuffed pizza)

    Still, stick with me here. Here are two places:
    Fonda Del Mar ( had them as an app last time I was there.)
    3749 W Fullerton Ave
    Chicago, IL 60647
    (773) 489-3748

    And, remember - stick with me here:
    Baja Fresh locations. If you get these, and they are made fresh, and you eat them on the spot, they are not too bad at all! The sum of the experience will hinge completely on when the fish was fried. I've tried carryout with these, and it JUST DOESN'T WORK.

    I also wish there were more spots in this city offering what you are looking for. I'm a big fan as well.

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      You'll want to try the catfish taco at De Cero on Randolph Street. They also have some other fish tacos that aren't fried. Below is the website.

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        I'd much rather it be at a mom/pop place for the same food at 1/2 the price, but I'm sure that will happen soon enough. There was a place on the southish side that did make them superbly, but it's gone now. Thanks for the heads up on decero!

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          Agreed, much prefer a mom and pop place at 1/2 (more like 1/3) the price. The fish tacos at FDM are pretty good but not worth the steep price. I feel that Fonda is a bit overrated, not to mention expensive.

    2. El Barco Mariscos on Ashland.

      1. I second the fonda del mar recommendation and the de cero catfish tac rec, as well.

        Fonda is my #1. Also try their grilled calamari salad, the sweet corn tamales, the cochinta pibil, and the homemade flan....washed down with their margaritas-up with fresh lime, of course.

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          Thank you for all of the recommendations. Fonda is right by my house so will check that out first. Thanks again!