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Jan 3, 2008 02:12 PM

Other uses for this yummy spread/dip

I made a really yummy spread by food processing feta, roasted red peppers and a handful of walnuts for consitancy. It is really tasty and we already spread it on french bread as a side for soup and dipped pita in it before a party but I still have quite a bit left (I made a lot)and I dont want to waist it. Any creative uses you can think of would be great!!
If you have never tried this combo give it a whirl- it really is delish and healthy at the same time!

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  1. I would definitely stuff it in chicken breats and saute! Or, make a frittata and drop dollops on before baking. Maybe mix in some spinach, too?

    1. Maybe as a filling in some phyllo appetizers with the addition of some veggies? I second the idea of the frittata so long as the spread is fairly thick (I've had a few runny icky disasters with goat cheese in quiche).

      1. thin it down (with veg or chicken stock, or cream) and use it as a pasta sauce.
        or thin it more and make it into soup!
        put some on grilled fish.
        add some olive oil and vinegar to a few dollops and make a red pepper-walnut-feta vinaigrette.

        1. Take it to work and let your co-workers devour it? ;o)

          How about baked on some flatbread or foccacia or use it as a pizza topping with grilled chicken breast and artichoke hearts? Sprinkle with some good olive oil before eating.

          1. I second the idea of the phyllo -
            I've done this before for party trays - same ingredients in the filling, plus fresh mint.

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              Wow all these sound great! I love the chicken and Phyllo idea- Im going to make the chicken tomorrow night for dinner and then if there is still any left (i doubt that though) I will try the phyllo apps. I will let you guys know how it is- Sounds like it will be really yummy!!