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What to do with leftover cranberry sauce?

I made a nice tart, thick cranberry sauce on the 25th and I have about 2-3 cups left. I've frozen it so it won't go off...but I'd really like to use it before, say, next Thanksgiving... since I don't think it'll last that long even if it's frozen. Any ideas? Can I made muffins or a quickbread with it?

Any suggestion would be most welcome. TIA! :)

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  1. I mixed some with maple syrup and used it as a glaze for a roast loin of pork. It also works well with roasted chicken or duck. If you save some for the warmer weather, it tastes great in lemonade or freshly brewed iced tea.

    1. Cranberry Streusel bars! There's a recipe in the Oregonian newspaper that calls for 3 cups of cranberry sauce.


      When I made these bars, I had problems with the streusel topping, but the taste was great. I even made more cranberry sauce this week so that I can make them again. (With these possible modifications: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/46825... .)


      1. Good quick sauce for duck - mix it with some orange juice, squeeze of lemon, couple of splashes of red wine (or whatever winey booze you have in), little bit of mustard. Stir it together, heat it through.

          1. Make peanut butter sanwiches.

            1. Corn bread cran muffins mmmmmm

              use your fav corn bread recipe, and heat muffin pan (cast iron ideally) in the oven, pour 1/2 of the muffin mix, then a scoop of cran, then top with corn bread mix..... bake and enjoy, the cran oozes through the muffins.

              they are lovely and not to sweet after a holiday of too much sugar!

              1. PIzza sauce. White crust, cranberry sauce, turkey or maybe pork, scallions, fontina. Don't go too heavy with the sauce. Keep it light.

                1. My first thought was a pie or tart. Or you could use it for a cheesecake topping.

                  1. After Thanksgiving I made great Cranberry pancakes from a recipe I found on Martha Stewart's website.

                    1. I used mine in pumpkin muffins, following this recipe for pumpkin bread posted here...


                      ... filled standard size muffin cups about 1/2 full, then put a spoonful of CBS and finished filling the cups. They took about thirty minutes and recipe made approx 18. We're working on the second batch now. Many thanks to recipe poster, this is very good stuff. :)

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                        I just stumbled across your post. Thanks! I'm glad you like the pumpkin muffin recipe.

                      2. i made some cranberry sauce filled scones using this recipe:


                        also added a layer of cream cheese which made it a little messy but oh so yummy. :o)

                        1. You have no doubt thought of this already, but here it is: Awesome on turkey sandwiches.

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                            blend it with dijon mustard or creole mustard for a good sandwich spread.

                            maybe a touch of honey....would be tasty on turkey or ham, maybe grilled cheese.

                            or add in a touch of a mystery flavor with a hint of curry, for poultry sandwich.

                            try adding minced jalapeno and cream cheese to spread on toasted baguette slices.

                            or add minced jalapeno with mustard and use with roast pork sammie.

                            or add horseradish cream for roast beef.

                          2. I've mixed homemade and the canned variety with vanilla yogurt for sweet snack- parfait style. Dannon Light & Fit is my preference.

                            1. top on rolls of brie and cover with phyllo pastry..can be frozen for go to appetizer

                              1. i agree with Tay on the glaze. You could mix in some mustard instead of maple syrup if you want it to be more savory and then slather it on before you roast it.

                                If you whisk it or throw it in a blender with some sherry or white wine vinegar, you've got yourself a nice winter vinaigrette that's good on mixed greens or salads with endive and chicory.

                                And, if you didn't give up alcohol consumption as a new year's resolution, then try it mixed into a cocktail. I like this one made with bourbon and ginger beer: http://www.chow.com/recipes/11108

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                                  "If you whisk it or throw it in a blender with some sherry or white wine vinegar, you've got yourself a nice winter vinaigrette that's good on mixed greens or salads with endive and chicory"
                                  I liked all of your ideas. (and everyone else's as well). Especially the one quoted, above.
                                  I'll have to try the addition of mustard (and maybe I'll still use the maple syrup) to a glaze for pork.

                                2. I spread a bit of cranberry sauce in the bottom of ramekins and then make creme brulee as usual. Very tasty.

                                  And I think there was a thread just like this one right after Thanksgiving too. It might have more ideas.

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                                  1. Greetings to you maplesugar, of course you can. Try putting the sauce ontop of the favorite muffin or over turkey slices at dinner time. Quickbreads are my specialty and do try making a bread with cranberry sauce on top. Banana Nut and Cranberry Sauce is just yummy. Puree it and you are all set to go and enjoy.
                                    Let me know how it tasted.

                                    auntie vi

                                    1. Add to champagne for a cranberry mimosa. It's pretty (well, depends on the type of cranberry sauce).

                                      1. Make the cheddar biscuits from Chow and serve with the cran sauce. Delicious.
                                        http://www.chow.com/recipes/10722 (scroll down for recipe)

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                                          Add cran sauce to stuffed cabbage rolls as the sweet part for the sweet and sour sauce. Yum.