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Jan 3, 2008 02:06 PM

What to do with leftover cranberry sauce?

I made a nice tart, thick cranberry sauce on the 25th and I have about 2-3 cups left. I've frozen it so it won't go off...but I'd really like to use it before, say, next Thanksgiving... since I don't think it'll last that long even if it's frozen. Any ideas? Can I made muffins or a quickbread with it?

Any suggestion would be most welcome. TIA! :)

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  1. I mixed some with maple syrup and used it as a glaze for a roast loin of pork. It also works well with roasted chicken or duck. If you save some for the warmer weather, it tastes great in lemonade or freshly brewed iced tea.

    1. Cranberry Streusel bars! There's a recipe in the Oregonian newspaper that calls for 3 cups of cranberry sauce.

      When I made these bars, I had problems with the streusel topping, but the taste was great. I even made more cranberry sauce this week so that I can make them again. (With these possible modifications: .)


      1. Good quick sauce for duck - mix it with some orange juice, squeeze of lemon, couple of splashes of red wine (or whatever winey booze you have in), little bit of mustard. Stir it together, heat it through.

          1. Make peanut butter sanwiches.