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Jan 3, 2008 01:55 PM

Where to buy fresh game meat in Toronto?

A friend legally hunted a deer with others and another friend, who’s a great cook, is going to cook venison for us. I’m just wondering – If you don’t hunt, will you be able to buy fresh game meat (esp. bear, elk, wild boar: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_(food) ) legally somewhere in Toronto? Are there any regulations on what/how/where the game meat can be served?

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  1. it is illegal for anyone to sell game meat in ontario. All meat must be farmed and inspected (except I think for Cariboo from the inuit)

    1. I just saw an ad for a store in St. Catharines that sells game meats, including elk and wild boar (all farmed, I presume). It's called Lake Land Game Meats. Here's their contact information:

      1226 St. Paul St. West
      St. Catharines, Ontario

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        The Healthy butcher sells 'farmed game meats'. The deer & elk is really great, but 2nd best to being able to hunt it yourself.


        p.s. Bear isn't all that tasty...

      2. Black Angus carries a very broad selection of game meats, though most meat they carry is frozen, with only a small selection of fresh. Call before you go if fresh is what you want to see what they are csrrying that day.

        I tried smoking the frozen kangaroo ribs and discovered too late that they probably needed to be braised instead, and for a very long time.


        1. I don't know where you are located, but why not try a farmer's market?

          Here's the webpage for the (year round) Dufferin Park Market - I see red dear, "wild" boar and other things such as organic lamb, goat, and ducks...: http://dufferinpark.ca/market/wiki/wi...

          Then there's the St. Lawrence Market - Di Liso's in the south market has game birds, and on Saturdays, 2nd Wind Elk is in the north market...White House Meats (south market), though pricey, have some or all of pheasant, squab, Guinea fowl, quail, partridge, duck, goose, venison, buffalo, elk, ostrich, wild boar, musk ox, kangaroo, and wild rabbit, depending on the day. And they are open Tuesday-Saturday:

          Happy ummm...hunting...?

          1. Unfortunately, legal restrictions prevent the sale of freshly hunted game meat in Ontario. I grew up eating hunted game of all sorts, and have found the taste to be drastically different from farmed animals. Properly hunted, butchered and aged game is really an exceptional gustatory experience. Your best bet is to stay good friends with this hunter!

            And I agree with legourmettv-avoid bear meat.

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              Inuit game can be sold here, but the chefs get first grabs

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                I used to frequent a game focused restaurant called The Carlsbad on Yonge south of St Clair way back when and I had bear bourguignon and it was actually quite tasty. I suspect preparation has something to do with it.

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                  Bear meat is something I avoid for several reasons; the taste, the way in which the animal is hunted, and because the Cree I grew up with do not eat it for spiritual reasons.

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                    Bear baiting? I remember watching a French (Breton) chef throw fish scraps behind his restaurant near Gaspe. When the bear season began, he could shoot a bear every night.