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Jan 3, 2008 01:51 PM

Kid friendly in 08

Happy New year all-
One of our new year resolutions was to find a few more good options for kid friendly dining(Not necessarily a kid menu or crayon type of place-but somewhere a well behaved 4 yr old would be accepted)-
In 07 we spent a lot of time at Holder or in little Italy spots such as Cafe International or Via Roma
I would love to hear any recent recommendations-maybe a nice Portuguese grill?

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  1. Traveller, if you do a search on this board, there is a thread on Portuguese restos (not the really high-end onese, the grill places). I'm sure Braseiro, in Villeray, would be kid-friendly - it should also be fairly easy to park there if you are travelling by car - it is in northern Villeray, north of Jarry, not right next to JTM. Also easy by public transport on the 55 bus - on St-Laurent both ways up there. (I'm thinking of places I've been where there are children along). So would either La Carreta or El Amigo, Salvadorean places on St-Zotique that also serve some Mexican items - I ALWAYS see a lot of families there.

    Asian restos also tend to be family-friendly - I always see a lot of family groups from small children to seniors at Pho Tay Ho, a very good Vietnamese resto at the corner of Beaubien and St-Denis.

    Of course I think of places in my neighbourhood (Villeray/Petite Patrie) first, but I'm sure there are lots of others.

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      Try Elounda for Greek food in Saint-Laurent. Fantastic food and super kid-friendly waiters.
      Also, the Lebanese Sirène de la mer on L'Acadie and Sauvé.
      Pied de cochon is kid friendly if you go early (kids loooooove the steak and fries)
      La Bottega pizzeria is another idea or Prato Pizza on Saint-Laurent. They even have a baby foot at the back.
      Vallier and Diner (one is on the Plateau and the other in Old Montreal) are also good options. They serve Pâté chinois and fancy chicken wings.
      Also, you can try Tapeo -- kids love the fried calamari -- or, for classy burgers try La Paryse or L'Anecdote.

    2. I wish the kids I know would post their restaurant reviews one day - a nice school project maybe? Here's a quick list from my kids, ages 4 and 7 .. they like to eat the excellent hamburgers at Anecdote, poutine and hot chocolate at La Banquise after sliding in Parc Lafontaine, dimsum at Maison Kam Fung, porc pané and Miga tofu at Miga, grilled beef on vermicelli at Wok 'n' Roll, Pad Thai at Chuch, deep-fried calamari at Marven's, and pizza from anyone but their favourites are Amelio's vegetarian and the pizzas from Maison des Pates Fraiches. All of these are adult-friendly too, btw, and only two of them have crayons.

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      1. re: Plateaumaman

        This weekend(Friday) we gave Brasserie la Brunoise a try(along with our daughter)
        There was no event at the Bell Center, so Parking was easy and the restaurant was only about 1/2 full.
        Nice setting, a little brighter and quieter than the typical brasserie setting,
        My daughter enjoyed sharing the charcuterie platter, and then they did a half portion of their mac n cheese for her-thumbs up for both-she passed on the oysters which we from PEI and very nice
        We both had the duck, which was great and we enjoyed the small but well selected wine list which is divided by beau, bon pas cher-which were available by glass, 1/2 litre or bottle.
        All in all we would definitely add this to our list of places to go.
        In comparing it to Holder, one of our regular haunts with our girl, I would say that the food is a step up at La Brunoise, but prefered the atmosphere at Holder, which is a little more lively,
        Hope this helps