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Jan 3, 2008 01:26 PM

Baltimore Happy Hour

A previous post about Blue Sea Grill having 75 cent oysters got me thinking...

Where are the good happy hours in Baltimore? While I'm not usually a fan of McCormick and Schmick's, they had an awesome happy hour at the restaurant in Seattle. $2 dishes, including steamed mussels, their 1/2 burger + fries, salmon cakes + aioli, quesadillas, etc., etc.. Do they have that here too?

I'm looking more for food than for drinks. Value for money is key, especially since I'm on a student budget. Thanks!

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  1. Yup M&S has the same happy hour here. Because you aren't that into the drinks you should check out this thread

    It may be a little out dated but it is a list of mid-week food specials at various restaurants around the city.

    Of the top of my head my only addition to that list is in Mt Vernon XS has $1 sushi from 4-7pm

    1. Taco Fiesta in Harbor East has a free buffet on Fridays. Burritos, quesidllas, salad, rice and beans. Not bad.

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        1. I have not yet been there for happy hour, but I hear great stuff about a new bar called Bedrock. It's across from the Hippodrome.

          Bedrock Baltimore
          401 W Baltimore St, Baltimore, MD

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            It's not new. It's been open for about 2 years.

          2. Ryleigh's in Federal Hill has $1 oysters and $5 small plates...they are actually really good, there's a cheese platter, and duck spring rolls, and a mussel and clam bowl... plus other stuff. (can you tell i'm a regular...) plus it starts at 3 and goes til 7, i think.

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              Tsunami on Central and Bank Streets has happy hour M-F 5-7, including half priced sushi (rolls only), $1 4oz. Saki, and $2.50 drafts.

              Went the other day, the 8-piece rolls seemed smaller for the happy hour special, though the 5 piece rolls were still a nice size.

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                Oceanaire has great food specials for happy hour as does jacks in canton