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Main Event or Prestige

Im having a wedding in July. Im debating between these caterers. ive heard mixed reviews on both. does anyone have experience with either of them?

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  1. I have been to affairs catered by both. There is no comparison. Main Event is far superior.

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      I agree, though the best Kosher catering I have ever had was done by whoever handles the catering for the Manhatten Beach Jewish Center in Brooklyn. The biggest compliment I can posssibly give is that I couldn't tell it was Kosher. :-}


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        Maybe they're using a different caterer since the original date of this post; I was there last year and it was one of the most forgettable weddings food-wise I've been to lately. I was especially unimpressed with the shmorg, but overall, I would say the food was really low end.

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        I agree w/ Jeterfan - Main Event is the right choice there.

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          Richfield Regency is my favorite. Their outside kosher catering is better than what they serve in-house, if you can believe it.

      3. They are both great caterers. Top of the line. You can't go wrong with either. But you'll pay$$$ for it!! If you want to save a lot of money, there are many excellent caterers that don't charge an arm and a leg.

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          Very true. They are very, very pricey. That was why I made some other reccs. ..

        2. I keep getting mixed reviews. Its difficult to decide between the two. Prestige is giving me a better deal. I dont think I ever tasted pretige food. Its hard to make a decision.

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            tell them you'd like to sample their food. That's not at all unreasonable

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              My experience with Prestige is that the presentation is better than the taste (ie. it looks much better than it actually tastes).

          2. Had Prestige last Passover in Boca Raton. The food was excellent (And it was Pesach) I don't know the other one. We are using Prestige for my son Ofrif and the Shabbat dinner. The father of the bride is using a different one he's use in the past. I live in So Fla and decided going with Prestige because I personally tasted its products.

            1. We used Main Event for our kids wedding a year and a half ago and it was perfect. Everything went on without a hitch and the food and presentation was 100%. People are still complementing us.

              Bruce in belle Harbor

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                I live in Teaneck, where Main Event is the caterer for many, many local events (Joey Bodner lives here). I don't recall ever being at one of their events where either the food, service or presentation was anything but top notch. They take pride in their product, and they try to maintain a very high standard. (You pay for it.).

                I find that the difference between Main Event and Prestige, is like the difference between Manhattan and New Jersey. Prestige is more urbane. They do a beautiful job, and present with more style. If the food suffers slightly (and it's only slightly) for appearance sake, so be it. Main Event takes a more suburban approach. Lots of good food. Pile it on. But make it look nice. Not toooo busy so that the food suffers, but still nice enough to be high-end. From my perspective, the choice is whether you want to give the "edge" to style or food. If you're a fancy, showy type, Prestige may be a better fit. If you're a fresser, and don't care as much whether the soup tureens are polished silver, you might be more satisfied with Main Event. Either way - Don't forget to have fun!

              2. i agree, prestige is better presentation, but main events food is better.

                the one difference i can give, it may seem small, but it says something if you think about it. by a hot dog station, main event uses a more brooklyn style bakery, almost stale hot dog bun, whereas prestige uses a fresh, store bought type bun.

                1. I have been to quite a few affairs lately catered by Prestige and was not even slightly impressed. I do not think the quality and taste of the food offered can compare to that of Main Event. I would have to agree that they are the better choice of the two.

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                    If you have the budget for it, Morrell Caterers outdoes both Main Event and Prestige. They are the in house caterer at several locations.


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                      Is Morrell under Orthodox supervision? I couldn't find any reference to supervision on their website, and by their web presentation you would barely know they are a kosher caterer of any sort. They are certainly not marketing to the Orthodox community.

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                        According to their website, Morrell is under the Vaad of Flatbush supervision for their Woodbury facility and Rabbi Steven Moss for their Lawrence and Melville facilities.

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                          Rabbi Moss is the rabbi of B'nai Israel Reform Temple in Oakdale, Long Island.

                  2. I used main event for two weddings my husband and I made two summers ago. The food was wonderful, the presentation was creative and owners very accomodating to work with. I have been to weddings where prestige was the caterer, and I personally felt that the food was not as good, and the presentation was not as creative, but as this is a very personal decision, I suggest that you taste both caterers food before deciding.

                    1. I would be very hesitant to use Main Event. Now bear in mind, that I work in the restaurant business.
                      Pluses for M/E are the presentation both food and the waiters are dressed well and act very professionally. Don't have to worry there.
                      My main problem is that the dishes are a little boring but more importantly, the food is undercooked. Maybe it was a one off. But the wedding I attended at the Sheraton Newark, the chicken was undercooked at the Shmorg, the Salmon was not good. Rest of dishes were better.

                      The main problem in the dinner was the beef. It was too tough to cut or eat. Uneatable.

                      The chicken was better in the dinner. The potatoes mashed were ok but would have liked to have seen a little flair there. Basically plain mashed. Grilled Vegetables were better, done correctly. Soup on the appetizer was boring, a plain puree. The salad app was better but lose the canned corn there.

                      I would if it were me and G-d willing in a couple of years I will make a wedding, I will shop around heavily before I would use Main Event. I don't need to worry about things like this at a wedding I am making.

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                        I have been to many events catered by Main Event and I find their food to be very uneven.
                        I go to numerous events and by far the best kosher caterer is Lederman caterers. They
                        do a terrific job and their presentation is always top notch. In addition the do both meat and dairy events. They are under the Star K and are located on the Island. They also do catering off premises.

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                          Over the years I have been to many Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and other Simchas..Many were catered by Main Event..I've been to quite a few events catered by Prestige as well..

                          I personally feel that Main Event's food tastes a lot better, and fresher..I've also heard that they do most of their cooking on site when possible..As far as presentation, I'd have to give the nod to Main Event as well..Their buffets are beautiful, the food plentiful, and the staff is very accommodating...Prestige also does a fantastic job....But, it really comes down to the quality of the food..And in that regard, Main Event gets my nod...

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                            I was at a buffet dinner catered by Main Event recently. While I found the presentation and the buffet choices interesting, I was disappointed in the fact that the chinese dishes that were wok cooked on site were not fully cooked. The food was cold and did not taste good. I have been to many events catered by Prestige over the years. I have been always been impressed with the presentation ,quality and taste of the food and menu choices. While I realize that menu choices depend on what an organization cares to spend, it seems that Main Event will offer hot dogs,corn dogs,chili dogs and burgers at an event , whereas I have never seen Prestige do any less than a class act.

                      2. I would never use main event because having seen how horrendously they treat their employees I would not support such a business on that basis alone. Screaming at employees is not acceptable in my opinion.

                        With that said you might find my opinion biased from the outset, but being subjected to their food on a weekly basis I feel it necessary to also give you my honest opinion concerning their food (as this is what most people are concerned with choosing a caterer). I find that their food is extremely bland. One would think that a caterer would serve some food that is bland for the folks with milder taste buds, but also seasoned and spiced food for those with a more developed palete. Well that is not the case, and it is as if all their food is prepared for infants.

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                          I've used both Prestige & Lederman Caterers for my daughters Bat Mitzvahs, and Ledermans was far superior in every way. The food was delicious & plentiful, the presentation was elegant, the service was impeccable & the price quite reasonable.
                          You can be sure I'll be using them again when my girls get married.

                        2. I've made 2 bar mitzvahs and have chaired countless shul and school dinners and I wouldn't think of making a simcha without Main Event (201 894 8710) and my favorite person to deal with there is steve at ext 120 - though everyone who works there is terrific - the managers, the staff in the office, the waiters, etc etc etc . Whoever thinks they're food is boring, got boring food because the host ordered it that way! They produced a chinese banquet for my son's bar mitzvah which was delicious and beautiful - down to the lazy susan's in the middle of the tables just like at a chinese restaurant!

                          1. We researched (and did tastings with) several caterers before our July 2008 wedding including Foremost, Main Event, and Prestige. We found that who you work with at the company makes a huge difference. Berel Fischler at Prestige was the second person there that we were put in touch with, and he was great! He helped us come up with ideas that were different than the food we'd been having at wedding after wedding, and even when he had to miss the actual wedding due to a death in his family, everything went on without a hitch. We are still getting complimented on the food, especially the desserts, almost 2 years later. And, we got a ton of leftovers!

                            1. They’re both very good and they've been around for a long time. If you want to try something new – Esprit Events is the new in-house caterer down at the Museum of Jewish Heritage and is bringing a breath of fresh air to upscale kosher!

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                                I'd love to hear a comparison among the following kosher caterers:
                                Foremost, Esprit, Lederman and Michael Schick or other wonderful caterers. We're new to lower Westchester and planning a Bat Mitzvah (there's been a lot already said about Prestige and Main Event). Many thanks!