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Mar 29, 2001 11:41 AM

home-made tortillas, where?

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live in Burbank and am trying to find any restaurant/taco stand that has good food and home-made tortillas.


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  1. You're probably looking for home-made tortillas in your (Burbank/Glendale) area. I can't help you there, but El Parian @ 1528 W. Pico, L.A. serves only home-made tortillas with the tortilla maker in full view, so you know they're fresh. To go with your tortillas try the house specialty of birria, a goat stew that many swear by. I usually get the excellent carnitas plate (half order) or the carne asada plate on a splurge. Garnish everything with their good salsa.

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      The best home made tortillas I had at
      La bonita restaurant in hollywood in santa monica blvd 2 blocks east of western. Me as a mexican I have to say that is the most autentic mexican food in the country,just like my mothers kitchen my favorete is the pork in salsa verde with kactus

    2. Tonny's on the south side of Orange Grove at about Los Robles has homemade tortillas. They open very early (Before 7AM I think) and have great breakfasts.

      1. If you try Tia Juana's on the weekends, they have a woman there who makes decent tortillas in full view on the weekends. Tia Juana's is on Olympic just west of the San Diego Fwy.

        1. Casablanca, on Lincon near Rose in Venice. It's a sit down restaurant where the torillas are made right before your eyes. Worth the drive from Burbank. Haven't been there for awhile, so I can't speak for the rest of the food but the torillas just melt in your mouth.

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            i've only been to casablanca once but i wasn't impressed with their tortillas that one time. granted, it may have been an off nite. i did like their calamari steak with crab & shrimp quite a bit though. however, for great tortillas, i recommend paco's. there are 3 locations - the one i go to is in culver city off centinela & washington blvd. standard, but very good, mexican food, and great flour tortillas made there at the restaurant in front of you. long drive for you however from burbank.