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Jan 3, 2008 12:25 PM

TTC accessible for Staff Appreciation

I am looking for a restaurant that is on the TTC line (preferably yonge+bloor or south). There will be 6 of us. Everyone has a variety of dietary needs (vegetarians, anti-red meat eaters, meat eaters). This is for a staff appreciation night so a place with some atmosphere would be nice, not overly expensive as we are going out to a bar afterwards, everyone in attendance is under 30 years of age and is creative so no bay street haunts! Many thanks for suggestions!

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  1. What about Focaccia? Larry, the best waiter I know will provide lots of entertainment along with good service. The food is good too. Have fun!

    1. What about Rebel House, just one subway stop north of Yonge and Bloor. Good food, fun atmosphere.

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      1. What about the private room at Dora Keough's? You wouldn't have to leave to go to a bar afterwards either, or you could just go next door to Allen's.

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          I think that's a great idea, depending on the menu. It used to be limited to Irish stew and soda bread... But the space is nice, there's a fireplace just outside the room...and isn't Dora's a pub too? There used to be traditional Irish music sessions there weekly... But Allen's is a good thought as well. And both are within a crawl of Broadview station:).

      2. Superior Restaurant, near Dundas and Yonge. Bistro-type fare with a variety of menu choices including non-meat pastas and seafood entrees and meat. Nice atmosphere.

        253 Yonge, Toronto, ON M5B1N8, CA