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Mar 29, 2001 09:39 AM

Tonight Downtown

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My wife and I have to be in downtown LA tonight for a drop off to a customer of her store. I wondered if anyone had any opinions on Engine Co. 28? I think it is very close to where we are doing the delivery? Also, how does it stack up against Traxx?

Just a general note. This board is made up of some of the best informed and nicest people I think I have ever seen on the Web. If you look at some of the other boards out there, this one is such a wonderful contrast with intelligent, helpful and civil discourse. Thanks to all.

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  1. Engine Company 28 is generally just a cut above mediocre. Most of their food has been homogenized for the establishment suits. Two better -- albeit considerably more expensive -- choices nearby would be Water Grill (Grand nr 6th) for consistently superb seafood, or Cicada (Olive nr 6th) for high Italian in, IMHO, the singlemost splendid room in the city. Traxx can be uneven. At its best it soars with the supersonics. Other times, like Amtrak, it chugs down the tracks (hmmm)& occasionally derails (double hmmm). Its space, too, is wonderful however, in its own strange way.

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      I nearly agree with Mr G. Except I think Engine Company 28 is merely mediocre. I had been wanting to go to EC 28 for a few years when I saw its adorable facade, and when I was told about their NY steak sandwiches (which I still haven't tried). I finally had a chance when I was stuck with jury duty last October. I went with my sister who worked in the area. She had seared ahi tuna salad, I had the red snapper taco (special), and we split a big plate of french fries with chili peppers sprinkled on it.

      The whole meal was fine with no real complaints, except my fish taco were a bit dry. But I didn't feel compelled to go back and try again.

      If you are sure you want to go there, perhaps you should try some third hand information and get the NY steak sandwich.

      If you want suggestions for other restaurants in the area, try Cafe Pinot (I've never been there) by the library which is probably a class above EC 28, and also the aforementioned Water Grill which is probably two classes above (with price to match). I've been to Water Grill and it is wonderful! Traxx I haven't been to so I can't comment.