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Jan 3, 2008 12:14 PM

how pricey is Stanton Social?

going with a group of 7 twenty-something girls (read: not huge eaters), and we'll be drinking during and after dinner... we're not looking to be completely stuffed and full.

it's my birthday, but i don't want to ask my friends to spend a lot of $$ since a few of them are in school and whatnot.

can we do dinner & drinks at SS for $50 per person or should i cancel the reservation right now?

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  1. $50 per person there is tough. I went there with my (very thin) sister and we put down $160 between the two of us, and we didn't go nuts.

    1. If I ate a full dinner at Stanton Social, I'd have to limit myself to PBRs or a water bottle of vodka I snuck into the bar afterwards. I figure 2 drinks and 3 plates late night to be relatively satisfied, which is around $50. I know that for my friends in school, Stanton Social is at the upper reaches of their price limit. I usually take them to Alta when we're looking to do cheaper small plates.