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Inexpensive Places to Walk To?


I'm going to NYC on a somewhat business trip. But we will have some time to do some sight seeing. We are staying at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. Are there any places within walking distance that are good to eat at? Something that isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg? I've been told many of the places in and around Times Square aren't that tasty ESPECIALLY for what you pay.

Maybe even some hole in the wall places....In my experience places like that seem to have fantastic food. Or maybe some places over by Battery Park... We are tourists ya know, so the Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero thing will be a must for us.

I'm just terrified of walking into a place that "LOOKS" good and either paying WAY too much or leaving with a nasty taste in my mouth.

Thanks so much in Advance!

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  1. I would suggest you go down to 9th Avenue, there are tons of really affordable and good options in the low 50s and upper 40s. You can really take a stroll and pickwhat looks good to you.. Especially since most places post their menus right in the window, you shouldn't have any issues with overpaying.. If you walk a bit farther, you can go to to Azuri Cafe on 51st near 10th Ave. Great Israeli/Middle eastern food, my favorite of its kind and many posters on this site would agree on the quality

    1. There are many restaurants within walking distance of the Marriott Marquis that have very good to excellent food, many of which will not require that you sell your first-born. lol

      Our favorite Italian in that area is Trattoria Trecolori, on 47th St., b/t B'way & 8th Av. Well-prepared homestyle dishes served by a friendly, efficient staff in an attractive space.


      As JSHAFT mentioned, 9th Av. offers some very good options. Here are just a couple:

      Uncle Nick's, b/t 50th & 51st -- Tasty Greek food served in a large, taverna-style setting.


      Old San Juan, b/t 51st & 52nd, serves very generous portions of good Puerto Rican and Latin American cuisine.


      1. It's been a while, but if you are adventurous and want to hang out in places that have no ambiance, but have inexpensive drinks and good pub food and value........

        Go to any of the Barney Stone/ Barney Rock places. In my misdirected attempt at a career in advertising sales for a map company, these places were a blessing for me. Good Corned Beef, Roast Beef or Chicken sandwiches,,,Burgers, soups, etc. Real basic Pub food on the skinny. I am sure the prices of drinks are almost half of any real restaurant

        BTW....these fall into your hole in the wall...dive places.

        These pubs are all over the city, just Google for more specific locations, but here are two near where you are staying..

        Blarney Stone
        307 W47th

        Blarney Stone
        795 8th Avenue @ 48th

        1. Maria Pia is a good italian restaurant and not expensive. It is on 51st street between 8th and 9th avenue.


          1. 9th Ave is your best bet for tasty and affordable food in that area. Stay away from Broadway. If you like Cajun food, try Delta Grill at the corner of 9th and 48th. The jambalaya is spicy, jalapeno corn bread is amazing, and their portions are huge! Save room for dessert, though - their bananas foster is to die for.

            1. It's really worth venturing off the beaten path for good food. anywhere where you go sightseeing is bound to have so so food at best. I like Ponsgsri for thai in chinatown, and they have a branch on 48th bet broadway and 8th - i'm sure its decent at that location too if not slightly pricer (not not expensive, can easily be done for 20 bucks a person). you should search around grammercy/chelsea. it's not that far from times sq - 20 blocks or so - and there's a lot more good restaurants. in midtown the only stuff worth eating is generally really expensive.

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                Ponsgsri in Chinatown is consistent. I'm still getting used to the ambience now that they have remodeled their dining room. It's as nice as the midtown location. If you are near the Seaport where I live there are alot of recent threads. You might want to do a search of this Board using Financial District. For a continental breakfast downtown there is Financier (Stone Street, in World Financial Center/Battery Park area and near the Federal Reserve/close to Ground Zero). Jack's Coffe on Front Street is also cozy and good. There are more and better places to eat in TriBeca (West) than near the Seaport (East). We have a few decent pubby places (Fresh Salt, The Paris, Meade's, Ryan McGuire's on weekdays, and Nelson Blue if you like a crowd/scene). Acqua (Italian) is good and moderate, Bridge Cafe (American) and Mark Joseph (steakhouse) are more upscale. Barbarini or Table Tales (no alcohol) for lunch. Avoid the Seaport mall area and head down Front Street towards Peck Slip. It's all been said before . . .

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                  Actually, can you elaborate on Peck Slip? I will be staying there next week and while I do not mind at all traveling for good food, and, in fact, plan to, if there is something good on Peck Slip please do share. Thanks so much!

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                    Acqua is quite good, cozy atmosphere and moderately priced. www.acquarestaurantnyc.com
                    If you want a place to relax and have a drink Bin#220 is right around the corner. www.binno220.com

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                      steeltowngrl and I are both fond of Acqua. I've been going since it's earlier Quartino days. It's one of the few places I eat in my neighborhood. I live near by and have been to Acqua many times. Satisfying, good, simple Italian fare in a lovely setting. Nothing great. Suggest you avoid the eggplant and pasta dish (they changed it - slices vs. coarsely chopped - awhile back and it's not as good IMO.) Some of their apps are delicious (white beans and tuna, etc.). Please note portions are not American sized, if that is what you are looking for. Barbarini (Italian) and Table Tales are also good.

                      I am not a Bin 220 fan. It's a dark, sophisticated wine bar that only serves Italian wines (and beer and cocktails). We went there for an after dinner drink recently. They were playing loud hip hop music and it just didn't mesh with the atmosphere. I definitely wouldn't eat there (cheese plate, salad, not much food available there anyhow). I like Fresh Salt for a drink or snack (nuts, hummus, eggplant sandwich). More of a neighborhood feel and less expensive. In addition to Fresh Salt, locals also frequent The Paris on Peck Slip and South. Food is a bit processed, they have a good brunch deal. Meade's (same owners as Jeremy's - frat house-ish bar on Front) is nice for a drink or snack but more of a bar.

                      I have not been to Nelson Blue on Peck and Front but plan to go with a neighbor soon. They also have food. It's too noisy, crowded, sceney for me.