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Jan 3, 2008 12:01 PM

Pomegranate - Evanston

My office is ordering out lunch from there tomorrow. Anyone been to this place? I think it's new, on Orrington.

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  1. I went there right after it opened, and ordered the chicken shawerma. It was so dry that it felt like eating sand, and I could only finish half of it. Not sure if it's improved since then, but that's my feedback!

    1. I have had lunch there a few times and I have always ordered Hummus and Falafel. They
      are both fantastic. The hummus is particularly good. I would just have them NOT put the oil on top of it since it is not olive oil.

      1. I had the lentil soup - it was good.

        The Falafel & Hummus was tasty,

        1. I've been here a few times, but that's strange about the chicken shawerma. I just had it the other week and it was really juicy and great. I also have tried the steak in a sack which I also loved. Falafel and Hummus was also good. It is a nice cheap place for a filling meal.