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Jan 3, 2008 11:58 AM

Vegetarian Friendly Chinese? (Brookline/Brighton/Allston)

My husband and I recently moved to Brookline. He's vegan - and a strict one at that (i.e., he won't look the other way if there's oyster sauce in his broccoli). We're looking for chowish Chinese restaurants in our area with a decent number of vegetarian options (not just the dreaded "Mixed Vegetable" plate of blandness) on the menu. We love spicy and authentic food. Sichuan Garden would seem to be a good bet but for the fact it has very few vegetarian items, unless I'm missing something. And yes, we know about Grasshopper and My Thai Cafe (not Chinese, but I thought I'd mention it anyway). Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. Dado Tea in Harvard Sq has amazing Japanese plates which are vegan, hearty and delicious. Sorry...that's as close as I can get to vegan asian food near Brookline.

    1. I would actually be interested in the same (strict veggie chinese food), except I'm willing to go anywhere in the city for it. Bonus points for spicyness. It does seem like most of the good chinese places are not very vegetarian friendly...

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        Wasn't there a recent post about New Shanghai in C-Town and the fabulous mock meat dishes they had there? I, for one, am curious about them.

      2. Shabu on Harvard Street in Brookline (over by Dok Bua and across the street from the Butcherie). If you've never had Shabu, it's basically cooking your own food (be it tofu, a selection of veggies as well as meats and fish) in different kinds of broth. It's delicious, very easily vegetarian, just make sure to ask for veg broth not chicken and you create your own flavors! Everyone I've taken there has *loved* it!

        1. Grasshopper! Excellent vegan chinese/thai food. Try the speciality called "No name" and they taro nest. Yum!