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Jan 3, 2008 11:56 AM

Sorellina's next Fri. night, what to wear?

I've read some great reviews of Sorellina's so I made a reservation for next Friday. I know they say "upscale business casual", what does that mean exactly? Nice jeans, cute heels ok? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I have felt perfectly comfortable in great jeans and great shoes--usually, though when I've had dinner at the bar. But people really run the gamut--from suits (men and women) to dressier cocktail dresses to more casual, but still a little-dressed up jeans and shirts. If you're into dressing up a little it presents the perfect opportunity to do so, but really it's very accommodating. Have a great meal and let us know what you tried and how you liked it, psaint!

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      I agree with BillieJean that the attire you'll see runs the gamit. If you're the type who feels uncomfortable when those around you are more dressy than you, you might want to dress up. But if, like me, you're most comfortable when you're, well, comfortable, wear what you want (within reason) and enjoy your great meal.

      I've been twice myself: once I wore jeans and sat in the lounge area, and once I put on slacks and a jacket and sat in the dining room. I suspect I would have been just as happy, though, in my jeans in the dining room and my slacks and jacket in the lounge.

    2. Get dressed up! Might as well.

      1. For a recent dinner at Sorellina on a Sat night, I wore dark jeans and high heels and felt fine. The other diners were dressed in everything from casual jeans and shirts to cocktail dresses.

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          1. My own feeling is that if there's a chance you could spend $85 on a rib chop ($130 for two -- a relative bargain!), you should dress up for it. But I like to get dressed up for dinner.

            In my experience, it is definitely a place where the majority of patrons dress on the fancy side. Many are also a cautionary tale on the hazards of plastic surgery.

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              I loved being able to pull out the heels and flirty top for dinner at Sorellina (and the food was very good as well). Here in the western 'burb hinterlands, wearing high heels out for dinner will get you funny looks. Out around here for NYE dinner (the dinner is another thread in itself - not a good one), at a place where the steak was going for $70, people were wearing Merrills, plaid shirts, sweaters. I mean, if you won't get it together to get dressed up for dinner out on NYE, when will you? Very depressing to be a city girl trapped in the 'burbs.