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Jan 3, 2008 11:52 AM

King Fung--Chinatown?

I know KIng Fung has been well-reviewed on this board and I've been wanting to give it a try...but i've got a party of 6....should I wait and go with just one other DC? Also, do they serve alcohol or is it BYOB?

Any other Chinatown recs for a party of 6 on Saturday night?? I've heard good things about Peach Farm, but haven't researched it yet.

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  1. two people are not enough to eat all the dishes that come w/ peking duck...unless you want leftovers for a day or two ;-)

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    1. re: Spike

      my son (age 14) and i polished off one of those Lovely Ducks all by ourselves last Father's Day. and we had an order of Shanghai Lo Mein and a small order of steamed buns too. granted we wattled out. oh! and we also got avocado shakes at Xinh Xinh too.

      1. re: ScubaSteve

        I remember you mentioning that...I should have said for mere mortals, 2 people won't be able to finish the duck and the other two courses they make out of it ;-)

        3-4 people should have no problems, but I'd get two ducks if there are 6 people...

    2. Actually, I think it is *better* to go with a group of 6 or so. That will allow you to try more of the menu, especially if you are planning on getting the duck.

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      1. re: heathermb

        Heathermb - do you think one duck is enough for 5 people? We'll be getting ravioli & noodles etc. too.

        1. re: gini

          I know I'm not Hmb but I think one for 5 is plenty especially with all the other stuff. I think when we had 12-14 people or so squeezed in there, we had 3 ducks and that was more than plenty.

          1. re: lissy

            The only reason I'd say that one duck *might* not be enough is if people want seconds or thirds of the skin/pancake course. One duck is definitely enough stir fry and soup for 5 people. Especially if you add dumplings and noodles to the mix.

            1. re: heathermb

              Heartbreakingly, the best part of the meal, IMHO, was the soup course that arrived last and my husband and I couldn't do it justice. We took it home, of course, but it wasn't the same.

              See if you can arrive in one car. There's a gas station next door to them in which they have, I think, one space which they will reserve for you if you ask. But more than that they can't do. Whatever the problems, it's worth it for the food!

              1. re: heathermb

                Thanks lissy & heathermb! I'm arranging a birthday dinner there and wanted to make sure we had enough to feed people!

                1. re: gini

                  be sure to dress warmly. KFG is notoriously cold during the winter. but i guess if you fill the place it will get warm plenty quick.

        2. There is a large central table that seats six with no problem at all.

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          1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

            true enough - we fit 14 there last April.

            1. re: gini

              3 ducks did it for us..with a few other dishes..and I think everyone had enough duck..great way to spend an evening..or afternoon.


              1. re: 9lives

                yeah, but two of us had run a marathon the day before and could have each eaten half a duck ourselves. Ok, maybe just me:).

          2. We used to live in the Leather District and King Fung was our favorite. We ate in a few times but mostly did take-out because the ambiance was a bit, well, Formica. But the Hon Su Beef is still the best Chinese restaurant dish I've ever had; it's fab and just as good the next day over fresh rice. If you can snag the center table, as other posters have suggested, you'll be set.

            1. BYOB - but bring your own stemware if you bring wine. Their cup selection will not do justice to it. Beer, OTOH, comes in its own handy glass. Also remember you have to order the duck a day ahead so let them know party size and they may help hold you a table.