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Jan 3, 2008 11:51 AM

Fatty's and Co?

Anyone been recently? What's on the menu now that's good?

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  1. I used to love Fatty's but I haven't been in over a year. They're closed every time I drive by and the last time I went, they seated me in the back corner of the place with a girlfriend when the entire dining area including the window seats up front were open (despite me requesting a seat by the window and being told that "the service will be disrupted if we seat people there"... wtf???). The food there at the time had gone down hill tremendously (poor presentation, poor quality vegetables, and menu items unavailable because they ran out of food... how can you run out of food when you're open so infrequently????) and the service was as inefficient and clueless as the seating. It saddens me that a place that used to be so great and that my friends and I would frequent has pretty much imploded.

    I'd love to hear what others have experienced lately... I certainly hope it's improved because I'll certainly go back if things are better... that is, go back if I get lucky that they're open.

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    1. re: mrshankly

      Agree with you on everything. Used to love them and they disappointed us again and again. We live walking distance and have sworn them off.

      1. re: PurpleTeeth

        Very sad indeed... especially with you being walking distance from a place that is (or was) pretty cool to hang out at. At least there's the Coffee Table near you, and I'm sure there'll be a few more places opening up soon.

    2. I've only been once and never bothered to go back. The service was laughably bad and it was weirdly loud. They played LOUD opera music and I could hear conversations from the other side of the restaurant. The food was fine, but with so many other great places I'd never return.

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      1. re: teach

        I really don't know what happened to this place either. I used to love going there for breakfast every weekend - when they still served it - and dinner occasionally. The owners have extreme attitude and nobody looks happy to be there. I am not sure how they can remain open. It never looks busy.

        1. re: The Sauce

          The owners are very arrogant and I don't think they ever intended Fatty's to become so popular that they actually had to focus on running the business (they are artists and focus most of their time on that from what I hear). They first started by serving up some of the best coffee in town... Cuban bean drip coffee and some of the best dairy-based coffee drinks in the city (IMHO). My friends and I have been tempted to replicate some items on their menu and open up a place nearby to serve the former Fatty's faithful. Again, what a shame with what's happened to that place... but I have hope a new place will rise to carry the torch.

          1. re: mrshankly

            Please Please Please figure out how to recreate Party in A Pretzel I LOVED that and so did many of my friends

      2. I have to agree with most of the other posters. I don't go there much anymore (haven't been in at least a year or so), not just because of their hours, which have always been somewhat erratic, but because I'm so mad that the owners stopped serving brunch. I miss going there for brunch almost every weekend, and I miss the best vegan french toast in town.

        I was told there was "no chance" that they'd start again (and that they stopped because they weren't in it for the money - well if not, then how come their prices are even higher than they used to be).

        It used to be pretty bougie, but at least a little more down to earth - case in point, the sloppy joe bruschetta turning into a sloppy joe inside some sort of phyllo dough pastry....

        1. Service is bad and the food is mediocre at best. They really treat their customers poorly.