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Jan 3, 2008 11:50 AM

Decent fried chicken near Stamford, CT

The few places I've tried have been awful. I'd even take some popeye's spicy at this point. Is there any decent fried chicken in or around Stamford?

Help! I need a fix!!!

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  1. Lucky's Burger & Malt Shop on Bedford St. has good fried chicken.

    1. Great Topic!
      Can't wait to hear of a spot for good fried chicken in Stamford.
      Have found some great spots in Stamford for lunch lately from this site.

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      1. re: CT Chowman

        And they might be...

        Would love to hear where you have gone, what you liked and share in some of the spots both ways.

        Can't even think of a good place for fried chicken in this area.

      2. I have recently learned from this site about a couple of great “quick” lunch spots here in Stamford.
        The first one I tried was Royal Guard Fish and Chips – Not a fancy place at all, but definitely some of the best fish and chips I have had. And I have tried a lot over the years vacationing in the Cape every year. This place is the real deal. They offer cod at the standard price, and you can get haddock for a little bit more. I went with the cod, which is my preference. The chips are a little too small for my taste and they use prepared Kraft tartar sauce as the condiment. But the fish is outstanding. Can’t wait to get back there.
        The other little gem I had heard about was the Caribbean Grocery (or Bakery, not sure). I was not aware of it until I heard about it on this site and it is only a block from my office.
        Real jerk chicken tasting like I have had on numerous trips to Jamaica. Served up with rice and peas, it is a meal for a bargain price of only $6. The only thing missing was the trade winds coming off the blue Caribbean sea. I did try their Curry Chicken yesterday, which lacked the kick I am used to from the jerk style.
        Looking forward to hearing about a spot for good fried chicken, one of my favs!!!!

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        1. re: CT Chowman

          if you like the caribbean market/bakery, try the jerk chicken at Top Of the hill on Broad St., near the hospital. It seems to have gotten a lot better recently.

          The jerk pork at caribbean market used to be my favorite. Unfortunately, I haven't seen them sell it in years. Their jerk chicken is still good, but I do like the flavor of top of the hill better.

          though, it's been 6 months since I went to caribbean market.

        2. I'm gonna get killed here...


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          1. re: Sam Slade

            Double S

            Go for it bro. Jfood grew up around the corner from a KFC and the Colonel cooked better than his dad. This was before having any choice. It was white or dark, some mashed and a roll. And it was $0.35 for a breast.

            But Jfood is not getting on the boat of good fried chick in the bucket as he does not like the Colonel's still secret recipe (including MSG).

            So you live to fight another day, assuming the Colonel doesn't kill you. :-))

            1. re: jfood

              If i have to go to a chain for fried chicken in stamford (since there isn't a popeye's), I'd do pudgy's on hope street before KFC these days. Similar, familiar kind of fried chicken as KFC, but I think a little better.

              But, not saying it's great...

              1. re: adamclyde

                My vote is for Stews in Norwalk,It's Skinless!