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Jan 3, 2008 11:09 AM

Berkeley / Oakland / El Cerrito Sushi??

There are, of course, loads of references to Kirala in Berkeley. And there's a good thread with loads of references to places all over the SF area (with almost no notes about location). I'd love to get a good list going specifically for Berkeley, Oakland, and El Cerrito... (Especially curious about El Cerrito, as there are so many Japanese family businesses, I'm wondering if there's some good, little sushi spots to be found, too.) So...

Please weigh in with your reviews of sushi joints in Berkeley, Oakland, and El Cerrito. Include an approximate location, if you will. Thx.

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  1. Quite favorable review of Sushi Sho on Solano in Albany / Berkeley:

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    1. Yu-San on San Pablo in El Cerrito (across from Home Depot). Old school quality fish.

      Yusan Sushi
      11866 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94530

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        Was about to mention Yusan also (look for it across from Starbucks, at the end of the Home Depot lot). Also, like Genki in Berkeley (San Pablo Ave. and Gilman -- across from Cafe Fanny and Kermit Lynch)

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          I second Yusan.
          Sushi Banzai on Camelia nr. San Pablo is quaint and friendly - family favorite.

        2. I've had delicious sashimi at Tachibana on College and especially enjoy the robata grilled lobster tail there. They're not as big on rolls as, say, The Drunken Fish at Broadway and Piedmont--delicious and creative. For inexpensive sushi I love GetA on 41st just off Piedmont. Their space is tiny and their choice limited but the tekka don served spicy and several of the rolls and nigiri as well as the seaweed pickles and the wakame salad are great and cheap, cheap, cheap. The tempura is usually delicious, too. I stay away from the meats and chicken.

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            Get-A just started serving shiso and ume, which has allowed me to get my fave ume/cucumber/shiso maki there of late. I've also noted a great deal more variety there of late.

          2. I used to live in Oakland, and we'd go to El Cerrito to Katana-ya Ramen. Nice Ramen, but we never got around to ordering Sushi - they do have a small sushi bar. It's always pretty busy on Friday nights, and includes a large japanese clientele.

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            1. re: doramicat

              Oh, I'd heard good things about Katana-ya Ramen, so we were eager to try it. We're an Asian family, and recently moved from NYC where there are LOADS of AWESOME ramen joints--if that qualifies this response in any way... We all thought Katana-ya was not very good at all... pretty bad, actually...

            2. And what's up with Genki (on San Pablo and Cedar), really??? I have seen a few very favorable reviews here, but to my shock, Yelp--where I typically think reviewers are ridiculously positive about even gross places--reviews are not good at all. So what's the real Chow-ish scoop?

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              1. re: ckl

                For what it's worth, I had a wretched experience there and never went back--didn't taste fresh at all.

                1. re: lintygmom

                  IMHO Genki is one of the worst places for sushi in Berkeley and that is saying something. I would go here for lunch, if I worked in the area, but luckily I don't work anywhere near here.