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Jan 3, 2008 10:56 AM

What's the best take-out in town?

Freezing cold days like this, though they make me want to turn on the oven, also make me want a hot meal to magically appear in my hands so that i can climb back under the blanket on the couch...
What do y'all think the best take-out options are?

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  1. C'mon now, we're not food novices -- what *neighborhood*?

    1. Where in town are you located?

      I'll start the ball rolling with a rec for City Slicker Cafe in Somerville. It looks like a garden variety sub shop from the outside, but the menu is surprisingly thoughtful. I've never really gone wrong here, but notable standouts are the personal meatloaf entree, the swordfish entree, the fried shrimp with wasabi cocktail sauce, the "city girl" pizza, and virtually any side (sauteed broccolini, roast new potatoes, mashed potatoes...).

      1. Funny you should mention this, as I was going to start writing a section on best takeout places in the Boston area this weekend.

        Some of my favorites include:

        East Asia, Somerville (Thai and Chinese)
        The Restaurant, Woburn (comfort food)
        Blue Ribbon BBQ, Arlington
        New London Pizza, Concord
        Bob's, Medford (Italian food)
        Boca Grande, Cambridge (Mexican)
        Tacos Lupita, Somerville (Salvadoran/Mexican)

          1. I wish they delivered, but they don't, so I do takeout from Mary Chung a few times a year. Sandwiches from Domenic's Italian Bakery in Waltham.

            Picco delivers, but I find it's better to pick up their pizzas and rush them home to guarantee maximal hotness. Ditto for Chili Duck (mostly the Thai specialties menu).