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Mar 27, 2001 09:52 PM

Los Feliz Restaurant -- Wine List

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Dining there about ten days ago, of 28 California Cabernet Sauvignons on the wine list only two were priced less than $100. Was I wrong to express disappointment with this state of affairs?

I was able to make a quick trip home for wine, but judging by the overcooked food I was served that night, I seem to have offended the staff by questioning this. (At least they did not similarly punish my companions.)

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  1. I so agree with your sentiments. Restaurants are usually judged for value based on the price of the food. If they expect a generally high end crowd, the entire profit is often based on the fact that most people will order wine (&/or drinks); just be sure there are no moderately priced choices so the profit is assured. A variant is to place one or two moderately priced wines on the list to satisfy the die-hard value oriented chowhounds, but to still maintain the general margins.
    Having said this, it is even more irksome to have the food priced to reflect the desired profit. Given the choice, I guess I'd have to agree that it is more palatable to pay for the place in wine rather than food.

    1. ouch...however, living in la, i almost never buy wine in restaurants anymore. the only restaurants i will buy wine from are: pacific dining car, valentino, spago, campinile (sometimes), chinois. what i'm looking for is an interesting selection and good value (no more than 100% of wholesale, or less than market).

      i haven't been to los feliz, but judging from this and others reviews, i don't plan on it.