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Jan 3, 2008 10:54 AM


Please help me out if you can. My daughter is in CT (Suffield, north central area), not far from Mass. and I would like to send her on a mission to bring back homemade pierogies to North Carolina. I seem to recall an ad in the back of a foodie mag, but of course can not find it now. I seem to recall the pierogies were from the Westfield, Springfield area. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Winedine
    I happened to be looking for Polish food near Duke. I don't know where you are located but I'll pass this along to you. The stores may prepare Pierogi. You'll have to check
    You might also try checking with the Polish American Club of Raleigh/Durham. Sometimes local churches sell homemade foods at fundraisers.
    I hope it helps :-)

    Betski's Polish restaurant Raleigh, tel. 919-833-7999

    Stores that carry Polish foods.
    Polonez Polish Grocery, Raleigh, tel. 919-790-1466
    Integro Deli International, Greensboro,
    Caspian International Food Mart, Raleigh, tel.919-954-0029
    A&S Intl Market, Cary, tel.919-388-4464
    D L's Euro Russian Mart, Raleigh, tel. 919-878-4427

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    1. There is a bar/restaurant in downtown Windsor Locks, can't remember the name but everyone in the area knows it. Pierogies are awesome, made traditional everyway.

      1. The best kielbasa and pierogies are just up the road from her in Feeding Hills, MA! Waniewski Farms,just over the Suffield line, on RT 187.(just before RT 57).. address is 409 South Westfield St. I've been going there for 30+ years and my folks went there long before that. There is usually a "home made chicken pies" sign out in front of the building. They make yummy pork pies, also turkey and beef. Have her bring you some kielbasa, too. They also have their own line of pickles and relishes. We get their rolled pork roast, steaks,slab bacon, cheeses, baked beans, stuffed caggage and deli meat too. If she is looking for something, have her ask. They will cut it or grind it or get it from the freezer.Their prices are great, way cheaper than our chain grocery stores.. Her $70 - $80 will fill 2 or 3 coolers of really good eating for you! ...oh, make sure she gets some chicken cordon bleu and chicken kiev - yumm I served the Cordon bleu for christmas dinner! Have her ask for the "cooking times" paper ENJOY!!!
        ps, when I was a "bride" and couldn't cook to save my life I always could pull together a pretty good meal with their help!!!
        ps again- found their website with price list and cooking times- If she has a list, the girls will help her run around and fill it..

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        1. re: matteny

          Thank you all so much! My sister has always sent down the 'bosi from Waniewski and I never knew that had all that other wonderful stuff! Love the Easter Kielbasi. Will certainly have her go there and stock up. I am in the Raleigh area and am familiar with most of the places listed from Tay. J Betski makes their own sausage, which is very good - smoked and not smoked, pierogies can be hit or miss depending on the filling. A&S sells a brand from Chicago that is good, but has me dreaming of the homemake ones with visions of little old church ladies making them. I am so excited about Waniewski! Thanks for all the help!

          1. re: winedine

            Thank you for thanking all of us! It's very gratifying to have a fellow CH acknowledge the efforts of his/her fellow Posters. So often many of us respond to posts and never know if our information resulted in a good experience.
            I too learned from this post. :-}
            Enjoy your pirogi and don't forget to check out any local Eastern European Houses of Worship in the Raleigh area for those 'little old church ladies" :-}

        2. The Polish National Home in Hartford has great pierogies and other Polish specialties, made by those cute old Polish ladies in an amazingly old-fashioned kitchen. It's open quirky hours. I'd call before I visit to find out what you can get and when.