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Jan 3, 2008 10:50 AM


Dined here over the weekend, in this cramped little east village restaurant.
Food was alright, nothing to rave about. My martini was great, but my wifes Pisco sour was disappointing. I asked if they made it traditionally, and Prunes came with OJ. Very bizarre. The fried oysters were the hit of the night with the homemade tartar sauce. Otherwise, the bone marrow were fine but the lamb had way too much fat on it. Thank god we got the side of vegetables for $9.00 upping the lamb dish to $34.00. Perhaps they would have done better with a less fatty piece of lamb. Will not go back....

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  1. I too had a disappointing experience a couple months ago. Ordered the salt cod as an appetizer, and it was too salty to eat (and I tend to put salt on everything). The branzino was just OK, but I wasn’t a fan of the anise flavoring. Also ordered a side of the curried zucchini which was completely lacking in flavor (and salt, oddly enough). The best thing we had was the flourless chocolate cake, which was perfect. I’ve been for brunch before and think I prefer it. The dutch pancake and spicy stewed chickpeas were both incredible. But the wait is long and they don’t take reservations for brunch…

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      My lovely wife and I ate at Prune the other night. We went attacked the appetizer menu and the bar menu. We had the sardines, the monk fish liver, the shrimps with anchovy butter, the sweetbreads, fried oysters, the marrow bones and a special app of queen crab claws. We had a side of brussel sprouts and culiflower.

      We felt the deviled eggs were the best we'd ever had, so they ranked first. They didn't have caviar or any other exotic ingredient, yet they astounded both of us. Next was the marrow bones, which were quite excellent. My wife liked the shrimps quite a lot, but I remember them less. Both the sweetbreads and the oysters suffered from too heavy breading of panko. I felt both would have been better off with a cornmeal beer batter which would have let the prize inside sing out.

      Still, the total package at Prune was great. It was quite cozy, but a great meal. I would go back.