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Jan 3, 2008 10:46 AM

Where to buy fresh soybeans/okara in L.A.?

Hi all,

Happy New Year!

Does anyone know where I can find fresh white soybeans to make Okara, or where I can buy Okara?

I've found dried Okara at the Mitsuwa market, but don't know the "exchange" ratio between fresh and dried for the muffin/cookie recipes I've found.

Any help is really appreciated!


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  1. I would try a Persian or other Asian grocery store ie. 99 Ranch.

    1. Happy new Year, SK.

      Try the Marukai Market, Pacific Square in Gardena (do not need to be a "member" at this location). They had a fresh bag of it for a couple of dollars, in the tofu deli area. There is also Meiji Tofu on Western in Gardena - they make "fresh tofu" and I'm sure they also have it.

      I never tried Okara in anything baked before. My grandmother would just heat it with some sliced green beans and cooked bacon or pork pieces.

      Hope this info helped.


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        Thanks! Unfortunately, none of the ones around me have them.


        I will definitely go there. A million thanks. I can't wait to taste what the baked goods taste like, as I've only ever had Okara in vegetable dishes.

        Thanks to everyone!

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          Do you know if they sell okara at Marukai in West covina

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            Not sure you should call them 626-214-9590

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              Shelleykelly, yes, Marukai in West Covina does sell Meiji Tofu's okara. I believe they receive their shipments on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Get them fresh because okara spoils rather quickly. =)