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Mar 27, 2001 08:31 PM

Cooking classes

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Looking for a beginner cooking class in Los Angeles.

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  1. You can find special cooking classes in the Wednesday food section titled "Datebook" or something like that. The Santa Monica Sur La Table and Manhattan Beach Bristol Farms has regularly scheduled classes. You can call them and find out what's out there.

    What I'd like to know if there are any good classes that are hands-on rather than some demonstration. I can get that from watching Food TV for a lot less! I believe that the California Culinary School in South Pasadena offers this, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know if this is true, or if there are any other classes?

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      More of Everything

      I have not been to this school, but I bookmarked their site so at some point when I have the time, I would check them out.

      Looks like they have classes from beginners to advanced.

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        In Long Beach, Spaghettini Cucina has hands-on classes. Call them for their schedule. I've also been to a class at the Depot in Torrance, but it was demonstration only. Definitely not as much fun.

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          If hands-on is your thing & you can travel & you have some shekels to spare, consider a cooking vacation at Tante Marie's in SF ( Run by chef Mary Risley, it's fun & a real learning experience. Ms Grub attended a few years ago & would go again if our shekel pile were larger. Mr G joined her for the last day & a weekend of chowing in some of SF's finer & funkier places.

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            James MacCurdy

            Yes, CSCA offers an abundance of classes that are hands-on, not "watch me cook." You work in groups of three or four, preparing three or five dishes per session. I loved it.


          2. My friends and I have taken a couple classes at The New School Of Cooking (310.842.9702 or I find them to be more fun than informative, but there are both short lecture and hands-on segments. Instructors are great, classes are varied, seasonal and interesting.

            1. A couple of suggestions:

              Chef Michael Shafer runs classes at The Depot in Torrance. I haven't been to any of them myself, but friends who have gone there say that they are entertaining and informative.

              Cuisine Sur La Mer in Manhattan Beach runs cooking classes at several levels. I haven't been to any of them, so no further details.

              There's a sushi school in Venice that claims to turn anyone into a knife-weilding genius. I will try to find the name and phone number and post it if anybody is interested.

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              1. re: Richard Foss

                California Sushi Academy link is attached. It is incredibly fun, fairly inexpensive, and you get to eat all the sushi you make!


                1. re: Richard Foss
                  Martyn Pretty

                  I am looking for details of a place to take some Sushi classes, to learn the basics of good sushi, what fish to buy and how to prepare the different things.

                  I was hoping to find like a 6 or twelve week course, maybe one night a week or something like that.

                  I know I fairly particular in what I would like, but the place in Venice does sound good to check out. If you have the details please send them on


                2. Just learned about "Hipcooks" on Robertson just north of the 110. Haven't attended one of their "hands-on-we-cook-it-then-we-eat-it" classes, but they sure look interesting.

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                    I went to a class at Hipcooks and it was a lot of fun. It is definitely for beginners so I didn't learn anything I didn't already know but it would be great for someone who is interested in learning about different cuisines in a lively and interactive group environment.